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Episode 11
Protecting Your Practice From Cybersecurity Threats

Many practice managers and physicians have so much going on in their day-to-day operations, IT and cybersecurity often becomes an afterthought, despite the healthcare industry being a particularly common target for complex and aggressive cyberattacks. Cybersecurity insurance can help protect healthcare practices without requiring constant attention and high costs from the practices themselves. 


In this episode of the Healthcare Leadership Podcast, host Jennifer Thompson chats with Chris Burns, Managing Partner and Chief Experience Officer of Dedicated IT, an industry-leading managed service provider that understands the unique needs and threats that come with the healthcare IT landscape.


Tune in to discover:


  • How cybersecurity and insurance related to IT has developed and evolved over the years
  • Quick and simple tips for administrators or team members suspecting that malware has been downloaded at their practice
  • Which platforms are outdated and how to establish a roadmap to ensure security and efficiency for your organization
  • How to assess the state of your practice’s security level and prioritize any cybersecurity issues that this assessment reveals


Access your free Security Maturity Self-Assessment here: 



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