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You can build your social influence by submitting a guest article and reach millions of healthcare professionals around the world

ReferralMD Authorship Cohort

We welcome our readers to participate with our community of millions of providers by sharing your thoughts and stories on referralMD alongside our own editors.

referralMD is the leading source for business coverage of innovation in healthcare, policy, and marketing strategy, and you can start speaking to our considerable audience today.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles should be over 2000 – 3000 words (2000 word articles rank better on Google and will provide you with more viewers to your own website)
  • Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling
  • Submissions from commercial entities should contain zero mention of your business
  • Articles must include sub-headers in between every 3 to 7 paragraphs
  • Include photos and video as those are shared and viewed more.  It also breaks up the text so its easier to read
  • Incomplete profiles will not be accepted.  The referralMD team will have discretion on who gets approved. We are looking for strong, original content that does not appear on any external blog.
  • By signing up to create content on the referralMD site, you agree to our content release contract.

Become a regular contributor and receive the following benefits:

  1. Below every article you write you will receive an author box with your biography, website, and social links recognizing you as a regular author on referralMD.
  2. referralMD may publish your content on its syndicate partner sites such as Forbes, HIMSS, and others.
  3. Accepted pieces will be published on and syndicated on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn,  as well as our e-newsletter.
  4. Large audience of active viewers who share great content with their healthcare network.examples
  5. Google:  Our content consistently ranks on the top of major search engines for all terms like Healthcare Technology, where we place #1 out of 300+ million results.  Making  your content visible, showcasing your voice to millions of readers globally.

How to rank number 1 on google

FAQ: What type of articles can I write?

Some topics that resonate with our readership include the following:

  • articles offering concrete advice for digital health and life science entrepreneurs,
  • fundraising insights,
  • marketing ideas/tips, your pet peeve in healthcare or what works well,
  • analysis of impending legislation or regulations affecting medical device and pharma industries,
  • solving a problem in healthcare and how you did it.
  • Personal accounts of an entrepreneur’s journey,
  • a physician or nurse’s point of view on the patient experience

Please be conversational whenever possible, make sure that the content is not self-promotional and speaks to our diverse audience: equity investors, biotech entrepreneurs, healthcare institutions and their administrators, physicians, nurses, researchers, government officials, pharmaceutical companies, industry service providers, prominent associations and educational institutions, and the like.


FAQ: What’s next after I submit an article?

  • Once your approved, we will give you to access to referralMD’s content publishing tool and instructions on how to use it. As a member of our cohort you will have your own author destination page listing all your stories (like a blog) that you can share with your network.
  • Using our content publishing tool, our members will be able to finalize their posts, including uploading any pictures that are relevant to the story. The referralMD team will strive to make sure that your stories are published in a timely manner.

Please contact  Katie Hammel, Media Relations for referralMD,  ( should any questions arise.



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