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Become a featured author on our healthcare technology blog and boost your author ranking and brand awareness. Our top ranking site will help you establish authority when you offer unique insights on topics which educate our audience of healthcare professionals and ultimately provide better care to patients. We are actively seeking new authors to guest post. If you want to increase your readership and flex your writing skills; read the submission guidelines below and let’s get started.

What type of articles can I write?

Some topics that resonate with our readership include the following:

  • Health information technology articles (Security tips, servers, software updates, etc)
  • How-to guides (Marketing ideas/tips)
  • Your pet peeve in healthcare or what works well in your office or practice
  • Articles offering concrete advice for digital health and life science entrepreneurs
  • Analysis of impending legislation or regulations affecting medical device and pharma industries
  • Solving a problem in healthcare and how you did it
  • A physician or nurse’s point of view on the patient experience

Please be conversational whenever possible. The best blogs are simple, accessible and clear.

Make sure that the content is not self-promotional and speaks to our diverse audience: equity investors, biotech entrepreneurs, healthcare institutions and their administrators, physicians, nurses, researchers, government officials, pharmaceutical companies, industry service providers, prominent associations and educational institutions, and the like.

Content has to be original and healthcare related.

What are the benefits for the author?

The benefits of publishing on ReferralMD are many, here are just a few.

    • Top Ranked on Google: ReferralMD ranks #1 globally for all it’s key search terms, example: Google – Healthcare Technology.  By creating great contributions to ReferralMD that educate our readers, you have a very good chance of having one of your posts reach the #1 position for your topic.  As a bonus, a very select few authors will be given a chance to write additional content on existing #1 globally ranking articles.
    • Domain & Page Authority: The number of relevant links pointing back to your domain (along with the quality of those sources and other quality factors) determines a major portion of that domain authority, so the more invested you are in the quality of your link building campaign, the higher propensity all of your site pages will have to rank in organic search results.
    • Referral Traffic: Let’s set SEO aside for a moment and talk about a more obvious (though sometimes forgotten) benefit of link building. Those links exist indefinitely and can be clicked by our readers. If a user reading your material wants to learn more about your topic, they can follow your link and get back to your site with relative ease. As you get deeper into your link building strategy, you may find the referral traffic you get this way far exceeds what you earn from higher rankings.
    • Increased Leads:  By showcasing your content on an authoritative website that reaches millions of healthcare professionals, you have a better chance at generating more leads.
    • Increased Shares on Social Media:  Articles on ReferralMD are shared much more than standard medical websites due to the engaging topics our team and contributors create.
    • Humanizes your brand: Humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option if you want to survive in business today. Yes, you can put brand humanization on hold. However, every day you lose is a day you could be building relationships, nurturing friendships, establishing and earning the respect of powerful brand evangelists who will shout from a mountain top how wonderful you and your brand are.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We don’t enforce a strict word count but articles should be between 1,000 – 2,000 words. (Longer is fine and may rank better on Google and will drive more viewers to your website and produce more leads).
  • Focus on clear, in-depth content that readers of different levels can understand and learn from.
  • Articles must be unique and not be published on any other website. They cannot be promotional or link building.
  • Submissions from commercial entities should contain zero mention of your business. (and honestly, potential customers will see right through the article as advertising.  By creating educational content, users will see you as a trusted source and contact you directly if they like what they read.) If you include a link to your website or business, we will make it a “no-follow” link.
  • Articles must be formatted using H2, H3, and H4 when appropriate. Paragraphs should be no more than 3-5 sentences long.
  • When including images and videos, cite the source as “Image Source” and hyperlink that text with the page where the image is located.
  • Incomplete profiles will not be accepted.  The ReferralMD team will have discretion on who gets approved. We are looking for strong, original content that does not appear on any external blog.
  • Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling.
  • Please use healthcare keywords when possible (patient access, patient experience, healthcare technology, healthcare IT, referral management).
  • Link to at least 2-3 other ReferralMD blog posts/pages in your post.

How do I submit an article?

Complete the form below or submit your draft ideas or blog post to become a guest post writer for our healthcare industry blog. guestpost@getreferralmd.com

  • The subject line should be Guest Post – “Title”
  • The completed post should be in a Google Document with editing permissions turned on
  • By creating an account and submitting an article on the ReferralMD website, you agree to our content release contract.
  • If including images, please make sure they are compressed in the Google Doc. Also, provide proper attribution below each image (source).
  • Include author bio, headshot, and social media links.
  • Once approved, the process may take up to 2 weeks to publish.
  • Due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond or publish all requests.

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