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Make It Rain More

Physician Liaisons or Provider Relations professionals are hired to grow referrals. A hospital or a practice is a business that need clients (patients). If you’ve been enlisted to make it rain we have some great news for you… Working with referralMD is like eliciting the help of a Cloud Seeder… We’ll help you make it rain more and help you measure it too!

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Technology That Makes You and Your Client’s More Money

Today most pro’s that help specialists or surgery centers grow are paid a bonus based on growth. It’s hard to measure how much impact you’ve had on that growth. But not any more.

With referralMD you not only have access to data and analytics that show the fruits of your labor, you have a solution that’s working hard for you even when you’re not at the practice. The end-to-end referral management, patient access, e-consults, and marketing tools make it extremely easy for your referral sources to send and receive referrals.

With leading-edge capabilities like Growth Hacking technology working for you, adding to your efforts, you get the credit for something brilliant! Literally, referralMD is the gift that keeps on giving… To you, your employer, and your referral sources.

Be the Hero

Your customers will appreciate what you’ve done so much. You’ll literally be their hero. You’ll get the credit for bringing them more profitability, incremental efficiency, and practice-changing, life-altering innovation. For instance, as a member of our Partnership Program, you’ll be introducing to them our SmartFAX technology…

  • Lose the paper cuts and the chaos and start using referralMD SmartFAX.
  • Every referral submitted using the referralMD portal or SmartFAX is automatically sorted, prioritized, and deposited into the WorkQueue where it can be searched for and managed throughout the referral life-cycle.
  • What’s new is that every referring provider is updated automatically so that they know the status of their patients and your employer stays top-of-mind when it’s time for the next referral.
  • “Our front office loves the referralMD SmartFAX and having all the referrals in one place.  Pam Fletcher – GlendaleMRI

Join referralMD’s Partnership Program

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What are the top business needs of your customers


For Specialty Care:

  • Grow referral volume and revenue (More claims paid)
  • Reduce ”No-show” rates
  • Improved pre-visit work-ups
  • Decrease in unnecessary or inappropriate referrals
  • Increased retention and recruitment of PCP’s
  • Improve customer service with referring providers
  • Lower malpractice risk
  • Reduce referral leakage

For Primary Care:

  • Enhanced communication between PCPs and specialists
  • Higher quality coordinated care by creating a patient centered medical neighborhood
  • Reduce errors and liability of patients not showing up
  • Reduce administrative burden (Less hours spent managing non-revenue enhancing job duties)
  • Grow referral volume and revenue by connecting to new referring providers
  • There is improved safety of transmission of patient details as referrals are no longer lost in the mail or by patient
  • Always know the status of the patient referral without calling other facility