The ReferralMD Story

How we became the leading innovator of provider relationship management.

ReferralMD has been providing patient access, engagement, and care coordination solutions since 2014.  The company was  launched to cure the communication breakdown between providers, networks, and functional groups.  With almost one out of two patients not receiving adequate care due to poor communication between health systems, ReferralMD’s solutions for interoperability realize significant improvements in quality of care,  reduction of leakage of patients from systems, and increased  revenue.

ReferralMD has built a solution with which individual practitioners, PCPs, enterprise health systems, hospitals, payers, and self-insured employers can route patients to the best and most appropriate provider while providing comprehensive patient communication and support.  In addition, replaces the paper fax and e-fax based referral systems without disrupting the existing processes of referring providers.

ReferralMD improves practitioner communication and patient care in demonstrably measurable ways.  From our beginnings as a referral management company, through our evolution into front-office, prior authorization, patient-provider matching intelligence, to launching our e-consult platform, CRM tools, and patient access platform we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs of improving patient outcomes and delivering an exceptional experience for our customers.

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD delivers proven referral management, patient access, CRM, and e-consult solutions that help hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage and improve communication between providers and patients.

Founded in San Francisco in the midst of the Software-as-a-Service revolution, our platform is based on cutting edge technology designed for quality, scalability, and performance.  Using modern tools, our team can add majors features in a matter of days, giving our customers a level responsiveness which positively impacts their quality and financial key performance indicators.

The ReferralMD platform is  HIPAA-compliant and meets rigorous security standards including SOC2 and PCI.

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