The ReferralMD Story

How we became the leading innovator of provider relationship management.

The communication breakdown between providers is a serious issue plaguing healthcare today, with almost one out of two patients not receiving adequate care due to poor communication between health systems.  The effect of communication breakdown in medical care was felt by our founder, causing years of suffering for his family, and was the impetus for creating ReferralMD.

Our goal has always been to build a solution with which individual practitioners, PCPs, enterprise health systems, hospitals, payers, and self-insured employers can route patients to the best and most appropriate provider.  In addition, we have strived to replace and improve the ubiquitous fax-based referral systems without disrupting the existing processes of referring providers.

ReferralMD went live in 2015, and we’ve been improving practitioner communication and patient care ever since.  From our beginnings as a referral management company, to adding our patient-provider matching intelligence, to launching our e-consult platform and CRM tools, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs of improving patient outcomes and delivering an exceptional experience for our customers.


About ReferralMD

ReferralMD delivers proven referral management, patient access, CRM, and e-consult solutions that help hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage and improve communication between providers and patients.

The enterprise platform intelligently matches patients with the most appropriate, high-quality providers and closes the feedback loop between referring providers and patients.

The solution’s powerful workflow and clinical decision support tools help healthcare providers increase revenue, drive operational efficiencies and improve customer service with community providers.

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