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The New Standard in Physician Relationship Management; Increase Revenue, Reduce Leakage and Value-Based Risk

ReferralMD is the leading referral network management CRM for healthcare professionals; referral handoffs, e-consults, messaging, patient access, provider directory search, and analytics.

Who Uses ReferralMD?

Hospitals / Health Systems


Primary Care, Dentists, Private Practice

Payers & Self-Insured Employers

Call Centers, Pharma, DME, Attorneys

Manage Referral Relationships, All on One Centralized Platform

We provide immediate improvement in revenue for healthcare stakeholders and offer demonstrable, repeatable, significant, short and long-term cost savings.

Referral Management and CRM

Create a virtual clinical delivery network and track all referrals, faxes (works with your current fax #), status updates, messages, meetings, and tasks with one centralized referral CRM solution.

Each department can create their own unique referral pathways that enable coordinators to guide referrals through the funnel ensuring every guideline is checked off before sending or receiving referrals so nothing is forgotten.

Provider Directory w/ Decision-Support

Empower coordinators at the point of care with the technology they need to match patients with the right providers (experience, specialty, insurance, cost/quality, affiliation, wait times, and more). We offer real-time qualitative and quantitative data scorecards for every provider in your health system so you can always find the best match based on your unique preferences.

Automated Progress Notes (Feedback Loop)

Discharge patients to the best available continuing care provider.

For every transition, securely transmit clinical summaries and updates to in and out-of-network care providers, generate compliant Patient Choice lists, and receive real-time notifications on patient status, appointment times, and outcomes.

E-Consults (Real-Time Messaging)

Quickly and easily communicate with community providers with e-Consults to discuss a patient case prior to sending a referral. Reduce the number of unnecessary specialist referrals while improving the patient experience, lowering costs and decreasing wait times.

Patient Access and Marketing Solutions

Solutions to accept patient/provider self-referrals from your website via a widget, send automated patient progress updates to referring providers, and research your competitor's referral volume so you can grow market share.

Care Transitions for Payers

Track patients as they transition across care settings within and out-of-network partners

Access up-to-date clinical summaries from care providers

Authorize services and care providers before patients narrow options

View real-time provider quality and satisfaction with your patients

Analytics-Enabled Services

Develop and monitor new marketing programs, growth strategies, and outreach activities to measure patient conversion, leakage, and referral patterns and much more...

What Are The Benefits?

Physicians that use a referral network to assist their patients in finding a specialist are 74% more likely to retain that client base

46 %
of faxed referral appointments are never completed
120 %
Increase referral volume up to
20 %
of malpractice claims involve missed or delayed diagnoses due to deficits in hand-offs between providers
50 %
Increase operational efficiencies up to
63 %
of referring physicians are dissatisfied with the lack of timely progress updates post referral
80 %
Decrease appointment wait times up to
$90 M
in revenue per 100 employed physicians is lost each year due to patient leakage
65 %
Reduce patient leakage up to

We Integrate with all Major EHRs

With ReferralMD’s Interoperability Solutions (APIs, HL7, Direct Messaging, FHIR Integrations) we can solve your communication and workflow challenges with other providers


A Few Words From Our Customers

We revolutionize the way health systems communicate with their referral network and patients. Our success has been driven by your passion for excellent patient care.


Jake Blackshear

Director at UCSF, San Francisco CA

As a high volume group practice we receive referrals through a variety of channels. ReferralMD consolidates these channels into a single interface and automates much of the follow up. Our staff are saving time and our referring providers are getting better service. It’s a win-win.


Megan Ortiz

Administrative Director at Green Imaging, Houston TX

The tools are easy to use and the system is incredibly intuitive. We’ve been able to keep our information organized and expedite our scheduling process. ReferralMD keeps track of all of our incoming patients and referring physicians utilize the analytical information to see where we can improve our work flow.


Pam Fletcher

Administrative Director at Glendale MRI, Glendale CA

When we switched to having all our faxes flow into ReferralMD software instead of our traditional fax machine we stopped having to call (and potentially annoy) physician offices who had already faxed information that we never received. Also now everything resides in one place making it far easier to manage instead of sorting through piles of paper. We save an hour and a half per staff per day using ReferralMD.

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