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The only health care directory for patients, referring providers, payers and call centers to match patient and provider

Benefits of Provider Matching

Match patients with the most appropriate providers when sending consults and referrals based on a customizable algorithm

Match Patients with The Most Appropriate Providers

Match Patients with The Most Appropriate Providers

ReferralMD automatically prioritizes specialty providers based on accepted insurance, provider affiliation, average wait time, distance from patient, and other metrics in order to match the patient with the most appropriate provider.

Increase Patient Acquisition

Increase Patient Acquisition

Offer patients a better way to interact with your practice and solve the supply-demand mismatches that commonly occur in healthcare let patients book an appointment with the appropriate provider.

Up-to-Date Provider Profiles

Up-to-Date Provider Profiles

Offer your health care team and partners an accurate provider directory across all care settings, including provider experience, specialty, sub-specialty, insurance accepted, cost/quality data, affiliation, wait times, and more.

Send Referrals to the Most Appropriate Provider

Send Referrals to the Most Appropriate Provider

  • Easily send referrals to any one of 5 million+ providers already in our provider directory and track if they receive/accept the referral in real-time.
  • Call centers and referral coordinators can easily track doctor affiliations across networks to help minimize patient referral leakage.
Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

  • Each department/specialty can create a referral intake form/workflow checklists with the exact questions that are required before the patient can be seen, including medical records, x-rays, labs, and even dicoms so that you reduce inappropriate referrals.
  • Offer guidance to PCPs while they send you a referral so you can help them reduce the guesswork and improve customer service.
Provider Rating and Reviews

Provider Rating and Reviews

  • Rate external providers in your referral network including staff sentiment so your team can exchange referrals with only the most appropriate providers.
  • Reviews are private and can only be seen by your organization.
Provider Scorecard

Provider Scorecard

Research the most appropriate providers for your patients using quantitative and qualitative data that includes:

  • Provider demographics and experience.
  • Provider locations and affiliations.
  • Provider specialties / sub-specialties.
  • Procedures offered / conditions treated
  • Average referral to appointment times.
  • Average response times to consults.
  • Internal employee staff.
  • External referral network partnerships.
  • Insurances accepted.
  • And much more.


Why is a Provider Directory Important

45 %

CMS found that about 45% of Medicare Advantage provider directory entries were inaccurate.


21 Payers issued warnings due to having inaccurate provider directories

55-65 %

55-65% of potential hospital revenue is lost due to leakage due to misrouting patients to incorrect providers

38 %

Inaccuracies with the highest likelihood of preventing access to care were found in 38.4% of all locations

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We integrate with most electronic health records (EHR) systems, practice management systems (PMS), and radiology information systems (RIS) with APIs, HL7, FHIR, or Direct.

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