Green Imaging Case Study

Megan-Ortiz-Green"The tools are easy to use and the system is incredibly intuitive. We’ve been able to keep our information

organized and expedite our scheduling process. ReferralMD keeps track of all of our incoming patients and referring physicians utilize the analytical information to see where we can improve our workflow."

- Megan Ortiz (Front-office admin)

About Green Imaging

Green Imaging is a full service virtual medical imaging network owned and operated by a group of board-certified radiologists. They provide MRIs, CTs, and other imaging and high-quality radiology services. Their goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that drive efficient operations and optimize patient care

Business Challenges

With their goal of driving efficient operations and optimized patient care, Green Imaging needed a better way to manage faxes and the referral workflow process, reporting and automated weekly faxed reports (feedback loop) to improve customer service.


Green Imaging was able to streamline their referral management process and expedite their patient scheduling process by using ReferralMD to consolidate all of their referrals into one work queue (fax, electronic, phone, website) and track status updates in real-time with referring providers

The Results

Within the past year, Green Imaging has processed more than 3,000 referrals, while expediting the patient scheduling process, lowering wait times and increasing referral volume by 38%.


referrals received


unique referral sources


increase in referral volume

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based referral management platform (CRM). In addition, we offer a group of technologies; e-consult, decision support, fax management, provider directory, and analytics that complement a health system’s current EMR system with an integration or can be purchased as a standalone system by private practice groups.

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