How Acacia Network Improved Their Referral Process

About Acacia Network

Acacia Network is currently one of the leading social services organizations in New York City and the largest Hispanic-led nonprofit in the State, serving over 150,000 individuals every year.


For over 50 years, Acacia Network and its affiliates have been committed to improving the quality-of-life and wellbeing of underserved communities in New York City and beyond.


Increased referrals processed by quarter by 31%
Decreased time to schedule appointments by 82%
Decreased patient wait time for appointments by 5%


1. Improve Referral Management

Acacia Network first started looking for a referral management solution to help manage inbound and outbound referrals for all of their many different programs. They were looking for a solution to replace manual spreadsheets that were used to track and organize referrals.

In addition, Acacia was also in need of a solution to help streamline the referral management process, as well as help. maintain referrals in-house. They wanted to provide an avenue for referring organizations to send referrals in a uniform and easy way. They implemented the ReferralMD Referral Portal on their website which was “the perfect solution!”

2. Enhance Covid-19 Response

Acacia utilized ReferralMD’s Patient Request Appointment feature to better help their community gain access and appointments for Covid-19 vaccines.

3. Reduce Patient No-shows

To minimize the number of patient no-shows, Acacia Network was also looking for a solution to help them improve and send patient communications. They wanted a system that would automatically send texts or emails to their patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment.


How was the implementation process?

There are so many different programs at Acacia Network and all of them have different workflows. ReferralMD conducted a workflow analysis for each program and then tailored the account setup and implementation process for each.

What’s Next?

Acacia is currently working with ReferralMD on integrating the NextGen EHR system.

“We would like to highlight the benefits of ReferralMD for our community and partners to help facilitate COVID vaccine scheduling.”
Ron Howard - IT Project Manager

“ReferralMD has helped with our business development expansion and internal operational integrations.”
Ron Howard - IT Project Manager

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