ReferralMD and ConferMED Partnership

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Why ConferMED?

Access to 300+
Specialists for Consults

No Extra Steps
for Clinicians

Seamless Integration
into Existing Workow


Reduce Unnecessary
Specialist Visits

How the Consult Process Works

step 1

Provider orders consult in the EHR using the current referral order workflow.


step 2

ReferralMD sends the consult request to ConferMED based on the client's routing rules.


step 3

ConferMED specialist reviews consult and responds with diagnosis, treatment and management guidence.


step 4

ReferralMD sends specialist's consult response to the referring provider's EHR so it can be reviewed online.



Large Specialty Network

70 adult and pediatric specialties and 300 board certified and licensed specialists.

Lower Cost for High Quality Care

PCPs confer with specialists online prior to referring patients to specialists for face-to-face visits to reduce costs, save time, and ensure the fastest treatment for patients.

You Establish the Rules

ReferrralMD automatically sends consult requests to ConferMED based on rules defined by the customer such as all referrals, only referrals for specific specialties or specific cases, etc.

Seamless Transition

PCPs do not have to change their process since all their referral orders will be automatically sent to ReferralMD through the EHR integration and then routed to ConferMED based on the customer’s rules.

Integrated Communication Platform

Messaging between the PCP and ConferMED Specialist is available through the integrated ReferralMD platform (i.e., Customer's EHR ↔️ ReferralMD ↔️ ConferMED's system.)

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