CIC Streamlines Referral Process and Manages Referral Network with ReferralMD

About Comprehensive Integrated Care (CIC)

Comprehensive Integrated Care is an integrated system of physician practices and outpatient centers committed to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience for its patients. CIC offers arterial care, cancer care, cardiology services, diagnostic services, men’s health services, podiatry services, vein care and women’s health services. CIC has locations in Arizona, Oregon and Utah.

Business Objectives

Comprehensive Integrated Care was looking for a centralized referral management solution, with the potential to maximize its referral network and standardize internal processes. Most importantly, improving the fax and referral workflow would ensure that staff could process faxes and referrals more efficiently even as volume increases resulting in shorter appointment wait times for patients.

CIC’s first objective was to better manage inbound faxes and referrals and drive operational efficiencies. The organization has six locations across three states and continues to grow so streamlining both the fax process and the referral process was the top reason for selecting ReferralMD. Previously CIC was challenged with a disjointed referral process tracked in spreadsheets and different methods for receiving faxes which was difficult to manage and scale.

The second objective was to improve internal communications as well as close the loop with referring providers on the status of their referrals. CIC’s third objective was to effectively manage its referral partner network and leverage real-time analytics to better inform its marketing strategy.

The Results

Comprehensive Integrated Care went live with ReferralMD in November 2018. At that time, they were processing approximately 200 referrals per month from over 350 referring providers.

Comparing the December and January results, they saw these results:

  • Referral process time decreased from an average of 11.4 days to 6.4 days
  • Patient wait time average decreased from 16.3 days to 8.8 days
  • Consult report time average (reports sent back to referring providers) decreased from 4.9 days to 3.1 days after the patients’ appointments.

Based on the results to date, Comprehensive Integrated Care has been able to accomplish all of its business objectives related to the ReferralMD implementation:

  • Streamlining the fax and referral management process

This objective was accomplished by centralizing and standardizing both the fax and the referral workflow and setting up rules to trigger alerts when referrals are not getting processed in a timely manner so the team can address issues as quickly as possible.  In addition, managers leverage real-time analytics to report on referral process time, patient wait time and consult report time so they can identify and resolve bottlenecks in the process.

  • Closing the feedback loop with referring providers

This objective was accomplished through the system’s automated process of sending reports to referring providers with the status of the patients referred by them.  The automated status reports not only keep referring providers in the loop on the status of their patients, but they also serve as a marketing tool for keeping CIC top of mind with their referral partners.  The automated referral status updates also drive operational efficiencies for both the referring provider and CIC by eliminating unnecessary phone calls and faxes.

  • Managing the referral partner network more effectively

This objective was accomplished by allowing the marketing team to define all of its marketing events in the CRM and then document all its outreach activity by physician liaison.  The team also leverages the Provider Directory with over 5 million providers across the country to research new potential referral partners.  In addition, managers leverage real-time analytics to report on outreach activity by referral partner, referral volume trends by referral source and distribution of referrals by zip code or city.

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD delivers proven consult and referral management, patient access and CRM marketing solutions that help hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage and improve communication between providers and patients. The enterprise platform matches patients with the most appropriate providers and closes the feedback loop between providers and patients. Along with powerful workflow and clinical decision support tools, ReferralMD helps healthcare providers increase revenue, drive operational efficiencies and improve customer service. To learn more about ReferralMD, please visit

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