Insights from the Healthcare Leadership Podcast: Consumer Experience Trends in Healthcare

In this episode of the Healthcare Leadership Podcast, host Jennifer Thompson engages in a dynamic discussion with Matthew Davis, Director of Channel Partnerships at Press Ganey. Together, they explore the latest 2021 Consumer Experience Trends in Healthcare report insights. The conversation sheds light on the evolving patient habits and the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence for healthcare practices. Read on to discover the key takeaways and how to enhance your practice’s online footprint accordingly.

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  1. The Influence of the Travel Industry:
    The podcast episode begins by drawing parallels between the healthcare and travel industries’ consumer insights and data collection. Learn how the travel industry revolutionized its approach to understanding consumer behavior and acquiring feedback and how healthcare can adopt similar strategies to improve patient experiences and engagement.
  2. Unveiling the Press Ganey Survey:
    Gain valuable insights into the Press Ganey survey methodology and its significant findings. Understand why a positive, up-to-date, lively online presence is critical for healthcare practices. Discover how these factors affect patients’ provider preferences and influence their decision-making process.
  3. The Power of Online Reviews:
    Learn how patients value online reviews highly when selecting their healthcare providers. Delve into the discussion on what percentage of patients refuse to see a provider with a review average lower than four stars. Gain a deeper understanding of the impact and implications of online reputation management in today’s highly competitive healthcare landscape.
  4. Shifting Patient Habits and Telemedicine:
    Explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of telemedicine have transformed patient behaviors and expectations. Understand the changing dynamics of consumer interactions with online channels and how healthcare providers can leverage these trends to enhance access to information, improve patient satisfaction, and drive practice growth.
  5. Tips for Enhancing Consumer Engagement:
    The conversation concludes with practical tips for healthcare providers to stay ahead in meeting consumer expectations. Discover strategies to improve your practice’s digital footprint, optimize online channels for information sharing, and foster meaningful patient engagement. Stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly consumer-driven healthcare environment.

The Healthcare Leadership Podcast provides crucial insights into the consumer experience trends in healthcare. By understanding the evolving patient habits, the power of online reviews, the impact of telemedicine, and implementing effective consumer engagement strategies, healthcare leaders can position their practices for success. Embrace the digital era of healthcare by leveraging these trends to deliver exceptional patient experiences and drive practice efficiency and revenue.


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