Healthcare Leadership Podcast – Where Have all the Referrals Gone?

In this episode, host Jennifer Thompson chats with  Dr. Charles Thompson, a practicing independent physician with Vascular Specialist of Central Florida about the state of being a private, independent practice and the challenges they face in today’s healthcare environment.

Consolidation, as well as COVID, has been one of the biggest disrupters in healthcare for private practices.  Private/Independent practices have to find a way to get bigger or find a niche in order to grow their practice. The consolidation affects the flow of patient referrals a private practice needs to stay in business.


Tune in to discover:

  • The history of Dr. Thompson’s practice and why they decided to remain independent.
  • What are some of the other benefits as providers and for your patients by being independent?
  • What changes have they noticed in terms of their referral patterns?
  • How they have adapted to these shifts in your referrals.
  • Do they have an opinion on a solution?
  • Advice for other practices experiencing similar shifts throughout the nation.
  • Benefits of remaining a private practice.

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