Are You Killing Your Patients with Paper? Your Reputation is at Risk

Let the rant begin

Let me start off with addressing the title of this blog. We are not talking about paper cuts here. We are talking about how you are communicating with other specialists you refer to on a daily basis.

Ask yourself, are you or your staff getting updated information about the patient quickly, do you know when your referral has been reviewed, or if your patient has even been seen?

Look at these statistics

Nothing good about these stats, don’t get stuck in a rut and forget to upgrade your systems. For a full view of this info-graphic click here.

Is paper killing your patients?

What I have seen

I have talked to so many doctors over the years, and even have seen my mother go through the run around with paper communication methods. It is time to stop this, and actually care more about your patient’s well-being.

If you truly are a progressive practitioner, you need to stop using 1964 FAX technology and move over to an electronic referral system.

Did not know such a thing existed? It does

Well it’s time to start researching every 3 to 6 months on the newest technology hitting the market so you can make your practice more efficient for both you, your staff, and your patients. Remember technology changes all the time, so if you’re still using outdated technology like that old Pentium 4 computer, a dot matrix printer, a website that has not been updated in years, or *gasp Internet Explorer 6 then it’s time to retire or get with the times.

Are you destined to be on the U.S. Governments “Wall of Shame” for HIPAA breaches? Upgrade your browser today to protect yourself.

Check out this list. Now you know why it is bad for your business and reputation to be included on it. It’s publicly viewable by everyone. See the mentions of paper? Not good.

What do you think?

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