referralMD’s Top Marketing and Technology Blog Posts of 2013 (18 Guides in All)

TOP-HEALTHCARE-BLOGSRunning a healthcare organization is a daunting task.  Regardless if you are a IT person, administrator, doctor, or executive, we have highly detailed articles that will teach you how to make your job easier and create a defensible competitive advantage.

Getting Started Guides:

See for yourself how ReferralMD can improve your patient referral process with patient engagement tools that reduce no-shows.

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Need some tips on some overall strategies to jump start your marketing campaign for your practice? The following 2 guides will get you started quickly.


Content Marketing / Blogging Guides:

Content marketing drives web traffic, builds online relationships, and authority(trust) which converts viewers to patients.  It is critical that you have a regular content schedule of amazing posts that add value to your patients’ lives.


Social Media Guides:

Social media is here to stay, are you using it effectively?


Referral Marketing Guides:

Driving referrals either through a patient or other organizations is very important to your success, learn more with these 3 tips.


Search Engine Optimization Guides:

Most healthcare providers are doing SEO wrong  and are getting penalized by Google which causes you to be blacklisted from Google Search so no one will ever find your website.  Learn the right way today.


Video Guide:

Video marketing is not a new subject for healthcare, but many have yet to upgrade their strategies for a more affluent patient.  You do not have much time, by 2014 3D and HD internet video will make up 46% of internet traffic.


Technology Guides:

Tech is a hot topic in healthcare, how does your organization stand up against the competition?


Taking the time out of your day to implement the guides above will dramatically change your healthcare organization for the better.  If you have any thing to add, or have questions, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

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