Patient Access Tools

Are you using the latest technologies to make your patient lives easier throughout the care journey?


Improved Patient Satisfaction

Improved Patient Satisfaction

By leveraging technology to engage patients and, where possible, to improve the process of care, providers will see improvements in patient satisfaction.

Improved Quality and Safety

Improved Quality and Safety

Keeping patients in tune with their care will result in higher adherence rates and better outcomes.

Improved Financial and Operations Efficiency

Improved Financial and Operations Efficiency

A happy patient is more motivated to refer their friends and family. By automatically engaging patients when they leave your care, you save time and labor costs managing a manual process.

Book an Appointment Widget

Book an Appointment Widget

  • Embed an appointment booking widget directly on your website so patients and referring physicians can navigate your provider directory with ease.
  • Accept medical records and files including large images; x-rays, dicoms, video, etc, without having to request them on DVD.
Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

  • ReferralMD sends messages to patients according to their communication preferences (e.g. telephone, email, or text message).
  • Messages can include appointment reminders, pre-appointment paperwork, driving instructions, and follow-up messages.

Why is Patient Engagement Important

79 %

79% of consumers are more likely to select a provider who allows them to conduct healthcare interactions online, on a mobile device, or at a self-service kiosk.

34 %

Just 34% of patients are highly engaged.

59 %

59% of patients believe that effective patient engagement strategies have a major impact on quality of care.

40 %

40% of patients believe patient engagement strategies have a major impact on the cost of care.

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We integrate with ALL electronic medical record and practice management software with Direct Message, API, HL7, or FHIR.

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