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About Quigley Eye Specialists

Quigley Eye Specialists is one of the largest eye care practices in the state offering patients caring and compassionate eye care using top technology and a skilled medical team. They are proud to be the number one choice for eye care in Southwest Florida.


Whether you suffer from cataracts, droopy eyelids, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, corneal issues or just want to ensure that your eyes remain healthy, the team at Quigley Eye Specialists is committed to helping their patients maintain the best vision possible. Their exceptional team of friendly and professional staff, optometric physicians, and experienced eye surgeons take great care of their patients.


Increased referral volume across channels
Expanded referral network by adding referral partners
Increased number of referrals processed per coordinator


Why did Quigley Eye Specialists decide to make a change to ReferralMD?

Quigley Eye Specialists was looking for a way to increase total referral volume for their various locations. They were seeking a solution to track their referral orders electronically and improve follow-up with their growing referral network. 

Benefits and Implementation

Increased Referral Volume

ReferralMD helped Quigley Eye Specialists streamline the referral process even while the number of inbound referrals increased so each coordinator can now process more referrals.

Improved Ability to Track Marketing Efforts in CRM Tools

ReferralMD improved Quigley Eye Specialists outreach process by providing CRM Tools to track and follow up with referral partners.  The CRM Activity Report helps them correlate outreach activity with inbound referrals received from each referral partner.  

Quigley Eye Specialists needed to improve the method for tracking referral partners and increase the size of their referral network. 


Integrated ReferralMD with Multiple EHRs

ReferralMD is now fully integrated with both systems and patient and referral information is exchanged in real-time.  These integrations allow Quigley Eye Specialists to eliminate manual data entry and ensure data accuracy and consistency while streamlining their workflow. 

To get the best experience from ReferralMD, Quigley Eye Specialists wanted to integrate simultaneously with their EHRs: Modernizing Medicine and Compulink.  

"I love how easy ReferralMD is to navigate and how well I can keep track of all of the patients being referred to us. The most amazing thing is having features like being able to add notes under each patient for the referring Doctors to see, being able to upload consult notes for them to view or being able to attach to their referral to us, as well as all of the other smaller details that make for an excellent user-friendly experience."
Elicia Wallace

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