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What workflow tools does ReferralMD have?

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  • Referring providers with ReferralMD accounts can search for the right provider to send referrals based on specialty, accepted insurance, affiliation, average wait time, distance from the patient, and other metrics.
  • Customize the referral management workflow to ensure that all the necessary steps are performed when referrals are sent or received and standardize the workflow across the organization.
  • Centralized referral management workflow allows staff to identify top referrals that need attention and re-assign referrals to internal providers as needed.
  • Automated alerts warn staff and managers when referrals do not advance through the process in a timely manner based on rules defined by your practice.
  • Online referral form rules ensure that all the information is captured when the referral is sent from a referring provider’s account or from the ReferralMD portal link on your website.
  • Online referral forms can prompt for certain medical records to avoid back-and-forth phone calls and faxes and drive standardization across the organization.

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