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How does the implementation process work?

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We offer email/phone support, on-site implementation, and training.

ReferralMD is a cloud-based application that is securely installed on a HIPAA compliant cloud service provider. This enables our customers to use ReferralMD without installing any software, or purchasing and provisioning any servers.

ReferralMD will be served from the cloud service provider as an Internet-based application that is streamed over a secure socket layer (SSL), which enables it to be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Since ReferralMD is self-contained and does not depend on the IT environment at the hospital, no integration or deployment effort is required. This allows ReferralMD IT staff to monitor and support all of the services offered proactively, and without disruption to service.

The deployment model mentioned above also allows ReferralMD to automatically apply updates and upgrades to the centralized server without disruption of service, or our customer’s IT staff involvement.

If the customer chooses to, ReferralMD can be made to interface with EMRs using smart form field exchange via web services and HL7, and non-smart form field exchange via custom stored procedures. Additional fees will apply.

To design the Implementation Plan, ReferralMD will conduct a series of meetings with internal stakeholders to collect input on customization preferences, potential challenges, and key facilitators to the implementation process.

During the process, we will discuss and document:
• Training your staff and physicians
• Best practices to drive adoption
• Key Partners: The stakeholders within the institution who are needed to make the implementation go smoothly
• Key Activities: The process by which ReferralMD will need to integrate with existing systems
• Cost Structure: The estimated time and cost of implementation

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