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How do I manage faxes and my referrals?

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  • All inbound faxes are automatically routed to the Faxes work queue so users can quickly categorize them as new referrals, documents for existing patients, or nonpatient documents.
  • Faxes flagged as new referrals are automatically routed to the Referrals work queue to be processed and managed like all the other referrals while documents for existing patients can be routed to other staff members for review or be automatically pushed to the EHR.
  • Weekly reports are automatically faxed to referring providers not using ReferralMD with the referral status for patients referred to your organization.
  • Outbound referrals can be sent via fax to providers not using ReferralMD using the fax numbers built into the system for nearly all of the 5 million providers in the US
  • The receiving provider’s office enters the invitation code from the fax, sets up a free account, updates the referral, and exchanges messages and files with your practice.

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