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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use referralMD?

We designed the software with the help of all size and types of specialties: From primary care doctors, hospitals, health plans, clinics, nursing homes, labs, imaging centers, dentists, chiropractors, ACOs, IPAs, IDNs, and more.

The software will help staff (nurses, billing and scheduling managers, front-office/back-office), clinicians (primary care, specialty care), C-levels, risk managers, and directors of marketing manage and grow your specialty care referral network more efficiently; while streamlining communication between health systems.

How does your pricing work?

We offer plans tailored for the private practice groups with just a single doctor or dentist, to large multi-specialty health systems with 100’s of locations.  Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can help your organization improve patient access and outcomes.

Is the platform HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, referralMD uses Military Grade, HIPAA-compliant, 256-bit file encryption to keep your patient files safe and secure.

Is there an audit trail?

Absolutely; referralMD takes health IT security very seriously. We record the entire referral history including time and date stamps for referral views, uploads, downloads, and messages.  Both the sending and receiving organization have access to the same information so nothing is lost in translation.

How soon can I see an ROI by using referralMD?

Most our customers see an immediate return both on time, labor costs, and referral volume, not including the potential of millions of dollars in revenue gain from leakage reduction. There are a host of other benefits, please contact us to learn more. 415-841-2727

Can I send referrals to non-referralMD users?

Yes. We have most physicians in the country listed in our National Provider Directory.  We make it extremely easy to send referrals to anyone by sending receiving providers a notification to log into your referral portal where they can quickly review the referral, print it out for their records, and best of all referralMD notifies you if the referral was accepted or rejected.  You can’t do that with a fax!

Can I receive referrals from non-referralMD users?

Yes. referralMD can be used as a standalone platform for managing all incoming referrals, either via fax, the referralMD physician directory, your website via the portal widget, or by other referralMD users. The great thing is we help you prioritize all your referral communication in one location. No more back and forth to the fax machine or long on-holds on the phone.

Can I send files and images?

Yes. We make it easy to exchange your blood and lab results in a matter of seconds, including any image attachments (X-Rays, MRI’s, PDFs, JPG, Dicom, and more).  Stop using expensive CD’s that cost anywhere from $15 to $35 dollars to create and save time and money with referralMD.

How do we connect our EMR?

Our dedicated integration team will work with your organization and EMR vendor to build a connection either via HL7 or an API interface, ensuring patient demographics, labs, files, scheduling, and clinical notes (including CCDs) are transferred seamlessly between systems.

How do you validate my account?

To validate your account we may ask you to send us your medical or dental credentials or verify your business email account from a nationally known organization (e.g. name@johnshopkins.org or name@ucsf.edu) 

referralMD requires a simple verification process for account identification and authentication. This safeguard protects users’ privacy in full compliance with HIPAA standards.

What is the referralMD SmartFORM?

The referralMD SmartFORM replaces your paper triplicate form or fax cover sheet with an online digital form that is accessible to referring providers from your website, email signature, our National Provider Directory, or electronically from other referralMD members.  Improve customer service and physician loyalty with referring providers by giving them a simple and easy way to send referrals and real-time messages to your office.  Reduce costs of managing phone calls and receive better patient information the first time.

What is the referralMD SmartFAX

While we are a technology company, we understand that providers may still wish to fax you information, thus we created the SmartFAX that takes all incoming and outgoing faxes and places them into a prioritized Work Queue allowing your organization to track each referral and its patient appointment status.  All referrals are searchable for future use and we even keep the referring provider in the loop with patient status updates automatically, so you do not have to.

You may purchase one or many fax lines as needed or port your current fax line over so referring providers do not have to change anything.   Assign each fax number to an individual department or location or you may centralize all your referrals.  Great for call centers.