6 Marketing Tips Promote Your Healthcare Practice

Social media and marketing have been powerful tools in healthcare technology and other tech fields for a long time. To promote your site, you do not have to be a marketing specialist. It is enough to create profiles on social networks and get started with content. Below you will find the top 6 healthcare practice marketing tips to help you use social media properly to achieve an influx of patients to your site and grow your healthcare practice.

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1. Create a Content Plan

Before you start working on social media, it is important to have a clear content plan. If you promote social networks without professionals’ help, you will need to draw up a content plan for a month in advance. The content plan should list the topics of future articles with a short outline of each of them. This will be a kind of action plan that you will need to adhere to strictly.

If you don’t have enough ideas, a free Hubspot tool will help you generate a topic for a future article. Just enter keywords like patient experience, and get a title like “This Week’s Top Stories About Patient Experience,” for example. Using this tool for free will enough to get started with a content plan. However, you may get even more AI-researched ideas on trending topics in healthcare by subscribing to the paid version.

2. Come Up with Informative and Useful Content

Modern social media has evolved a lot over the past 10 years. If earlier they served as tools for communication, they serve as a source of useful information, branding, and attracting target users.

Most users use social networks to find interesting and useful information and find companies to purchase the desired product or service. As for the healthcare industry, your task is to prove that you are a top-notch professional who is passionate about his job and consider caring for people your truest mission.

How to create such powerful content that will be useful, engaging, and able to show you in the best light?

The advantage of social networks is the limitation of the number of characters for each post, so you don’t have to write a huge text every time. But as a complication, it can be an inability to briefly highlight an important topic in the field of health, since not everyone knows how to write and the authors from the Best Writers Online custom writing review service team.

However, there is a way to kill two birds with one stone and promote your website quickly. Write articles for your site’s blog according to the previously mentioned content plan. Being guided by the finished article, make a summary of your article for social networks. Do not forget to indicate that the user can find out more on this topic on the site on social networks. Thus, a person will receive capacious information on social networks, and if he is interested in this topic in more detail, he will go to your site.

3. Conduct a Survey to Engage Your Audience

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Social media is entertaining in nature, and you should keep it in mind even if your site provides serious health services. But this is not about jokes but about how you can engage your audience through informative surveys. Such surveys will look entertaining but informative and educational.

For example, you can ask questions like “What are the indicators of a healthy heart rate” or “What are the indicators of blood pressure in a healthy person.” These simple multiple-choice questions are sure to interest the audience and increase loyalty to your site.

Moreover, you can use social media as a source to get valuable insights from users through surveys and use this data for your marketing strategies and service improvement. For example, you can ask them what health problems they are currently concerned about, what additional services they would like to receive, or what questions they would be interested in getting answers to from you.

4. Publish Promotional Offers

Social networks keep up with promotions and sweepstakes. Even in health care, discounts or bonus services are not only normal practice but also a powerful tool for promoting your website. For example, provide your users with a 10% discount on teeth care and treatment on World Dentist’s Day.

What is more, social media contests will be a good tool too. For example, you participants may need to subscribe to the newsletter from your site, subscribe to all social networks, create a patient access profile, and so on to take part in the contest and get a prize.

Social network users love such contests, and it brings excellent results for site promotion as well. Come up with mutually beneficial conditions for the contest, and you will be able to attract more traffic and get in touch with more potential patients.

5. Set Up Targeted Ads

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Another good way to draw attention to your site is to install targeted ads. Social media advertising is also smart enough and can be quite effective. Flexible social media ad campaign settings allow you to automatically find a potential patient by accurately targeting a suitable audience. With the help of data and behavior analysis, such advertising hits the target from the first attempt, and the consumer finds the offer he has been looking for for a long time.

Targeted advertising doesn’t require a large budget since there is no need for a wide marketing campaign. The only thing you need to write is an engaging ad text. Remember to highlight the consumer’s pain and show the way you can help solve the problem.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

To attract more audience to your social networks and your website, you can use advertising from an influencer. This is also one of the popular methods of website promotion in the field of healthcare. However, it is better to use a slightly different approach here, which will ensure the flow of an audience with loyalty and trust. Agree with an influencer to advertise your site as a source of useful healthcare information, avoiding the direct promotion of the medical services. When an influencer advertises not a product or service but advertises sources with useful information, it looks more natural and inspires more trust. Also, you can use a referral management strategy.

The Final Verdict



As you can see, you can promote your website and blog without the help of healthcare IT specialists or marketers. Follow the tips above for promoting your site through compelling content writing – both on your website and your social profiles. Social media is a powerful free tool that is also perfectly suitable for the healthcare field.

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