Can Videos Help Grow your Healthcare Practice?

Nowadays, video content is shaping our lives — both online and offline. All industries use them for marketing purposes, not only because it’s what consumers are asking for, but because it’s the best way to effectively communicate services and products.

And the healthcare industry is not an exception. Video has proven to be a great way for these businesses to communicate messages that are clear and empathetic, reflecting the company’s understanding of their audience’s needs while also showing how they can help.

But as healthcare video creators, it’s important to know that some marketing video styles are better for communicating these clear and empathetic messages than others. Let’s take a look at the five video types that work best in healthcare marketing!

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Video Testimonials

Patients appreciate honesty. Honest healthcare professionals know how to deliver a clear diagnosis, a treatment, or any other important message to the recipients. But it doesn’t stop there — clarity and honesty need to expand to all messages throughout their experience with a healthcare provider because that’s how patients will get to trust it.

If honesty is what healthcare businesses need to build trust in their audience, then video testimonials are the perfect way to communicate it. Testimonials are a way to communicate the positive experiences of your patients using your service, helping your audience feel happy and secure about hiring you as their healthcare provider!

Successful video testimonials are the ones that show real people in a relatable environment, telling their story unscripted (or at least, as natural as possible!).

Another way to go here is to show medical professionals instead of patients on your testimonials. So instead of showing the story of a happy patient, you can show a doctor speaking on camera about a certain medical procedure, for example.

This will help you show that the doctors that you work with are reliable professionals, and just like that, you’ll be inspiring trust in your audience!

Whiteboard Animated Videos

Sometimes, there are complex topics that your audience might not be familiar with. We can’t just throw medical lingo at them and expect them to decode it, right? This is something that whiteboard animated videos can help you with.

Think of whiteboard animations like a university lecture… but much more entertaining. These videos take what’s effective of a classroom (a person explaining concepts in front of a whiteboard), and use illustrations and storytelling to get the message across.

Whiteboard animation also has the advantage that they feel familiar to the audience -I dare to say that every person that went to school has sat in front of a whiteboard at some point-, so it sets the tone for people to learn new things!

With them, you can share important information about diseases, treatments, prevention during a health crisis, and much more. Just like they did in this example:

Product Videos

Whether you’re selling a service (or product) to the public or directly to medical professionals, it’s important to communicate the advantages to what you’re selling in an attractive way. The value proposition of your product needs to be interesting as much as crystal clear, and that’s what product videos are for!

Product Videos take the best parts of your product and communicate them both verbally and visually. They can be animated (which is great to showcase a service because you can show every part of it, no matter how intangible it might be), or filmed (which can be a great option for physical products).

Educational Videos

One of the communication pillars of healthcare businesses is to generate awareness of certain diseases or medical conditions. But educating your audience on these matters with text or still images is hard… and, let’s face it — probably kind of boring.

Luckily, a healthcare educational video can help turn any complex topic into something easy on the eye and engaging for people to watch. This way, you can communicate anything -no matter how difficult or complex- by using a type of content that your audience will actually want to watch!

By turning these topics into something enjoyable, people will stop looking at them as something hard to understand, and instead, they’ll stay, consume the content that you’re so diligently creating for them, and learn something new (and important)… for once!

It’s simple: people learn better when they’re entertained. And that’s why educational videos are such a powerful tool. Take a look at how TED-Ed does it by explaining depression -such a delicate and important topic- in a way that’s simple, respectful, and engaging.

Social Videos

Isn’t social media something amazing? With the tools available to everyone, you can upload a video on social media to inspire your audience, educate them, spread awareness of a topic, and most importantly — create a community. People like to feel connected to the brands they follow, and social media has made this easier than ever before.

Social videos are short and strong pieces that will help you catch your audience’s attention (and make them aware of your brand!) as they’re scrolling through social media. They’re short because when people are scrolling through their feeds, they usually don’t spend too much time on each post, so the videos need to communicate their message concisely.

Another important thing about successful social videos is that they must grab the audience’s attention from the very first frame. That way, you can make sure that people will be interested in what you have to say from the very beginning, and that they’ll stick around longer to watch the whole piece.

And what’s even better, if they find your content interesting and relevant, they’ll tap on your profile to see the rest of your content and become more aware of your product as a whole. That’s some powerful awareness!

In Summary

The healthcare industry can benefit a lot from video content. Audiovisual pieces inspire, educate, build trust, raise awareness on important topics — and they do it with engaging content that feels nice to watch!

There’s no doubt that videos are much more powerful than text and images when it comes to speaking to a general audience. But there’s one thing that you must keep in mind: your content needs to look professionally produced if you want to reach your audience effectively!

People are used to high-quality content online, and if your videos are any less than that, it will certainly affect your credibility. So, are you ready to create high-quality videos to boost your healthcare business?

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