Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare for 2020

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare in 2020

In 2020, companies were going to witness a shift in the world of digital marketing. With constant changes in the Facebook and Google algorithms, even digital marketers are scrambling to get by. The advancements in new technologies will compel them to be apprised of the emerging or continuing trends to stay on top of the game.  Similarly, organizations need to move at a breakneck pace to keep up with the speed at which new trends in digital marketing are emerging. Healthcare organizations are no exception, as 77% of health seekers use search engines for medical-related information.

Here are some of the top digital marketing trends that can help healthcare providers to remain effective in 2020 and beyond.

Video Marketing:

Leveraging a video marketing strategy will help healthcare organizations to maximize their reach and sales. According to the statistics submitted by Wyzowl in 2019, 63% of businesses invested in video content marketing reported a good ROI (Return on Investment).

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Videos have become the most influential form of healthcare marketing as the audience responds well to visual content. An interesting video with a powerful message can engage the targeted audience and ignite their emotions, which helps to grow patient volume faster. In addition, videos are suitable as they help:

  • build trust and long term relationship with the intended audience
  • provide comprehensive information about the healthcare services
  • engage the audience with short attention spans
  • encourage social shares

Given below are the ways to make your videos stand out:

  • The video should be centered around the story that ignites the audience feelings
  • Start should be captivated that spark the audience’s curiosity
  • Educate the audience with social proofs
  • Upload the video with tags to optimize it for SEO

Voice Search:

Healthcare organizations must not underestimate the power of voice search in 2020. According to Thrive Analytics, 71% of all mobile users between 18 and 29 use voice assistants on their smartphones. Therefore, it would be a great opportunity for medical care organizations to optimize their sites for voice search with long-tail keywords as it is critical to their SEO success.

As a healthcare organization, you can optimize for voice search by using 2 simple yet powerful SEO strategies.

  1. Make mobile-friendly content

The content on your website should be optimized for smartphones, along with a responsive design. In her blog post, Susan Genelius highlighted that more than half of digital content is now consumed on mobile devices. On average, 50% of health-related content is being consumed on mobile.

Consequently, your website content, blog content, and infographics must be mobile friendly would actually appeal to the reader.

  1. Generate articles that address audience queries 

When people opt for voice search, they ask questions from Google and Siri rather than using a normal phrase. For example, a searcher would type “spine center in Lahore” but using voice search. The query would become “Which is the best spine center in Lahore?”

Therefore, start creating blog content that will answer your patients’ queries. And for that, you must be aware of how your targeted audience describes your product or services. If you fail to do so, you will miss out on a chance of appearing on top in voice search results.

Content Marketing: 

It is of great importance to deliver relevant and updated information to the patients based on their needs. This would help to engage and build a strong relationship with them by offering high-quality content.

Undoubtedly, content is the king of marketing, and it will always be. Content can help organizations attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Moreover, a relevant, valuable and engaging content strategy helps to:

  • boost conversion rates
  • build an audience
  • retain loyal patients
  • make your committed patients your brand advocates

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You will notice that in 2020, content marketing will not only be limited to text-based content, but it will go beyond that. Podcasts are one of the best examples in this regard. Google and will automatically transcribe your podcast and surface it on search results. Instead of text-based content, healthcare organizations can also use podcasts to drive more traffic to their sites.

Paid Ads Campaigns:

Non-Organic Ads (Paid Ads) that have been trending on social media platforms in 2019 will extend their reins in 2020. They can either be in the form of Display Ads or Search Ads. Google Ad words connect ads with potential searchers precisely seeking what the organizations provide, drive more traffic to the website to maximize the ROI.

Healthcare providers and practitioners are currently dependent on organic social media as a part of their marketing strategies. Posting images, videos, and articles on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms aids in building an audience and generating brand awareness. However, it does not suffice to generate mature leads.

Differentiate yourself from other medical service providers by investing in paid ad campaigns and target the intended audience. Once the paid ad campaigns are live, measure the effectiveness of each ad. Keep the listed below points in your mind to make sure that your ads are performing up to the mark:

  • Understand how keywords work
  • Know your relevant Social media platform
  • Track your ads performance regularly
  • Create a landing page
  • Set your budget regularly

If you want to increase and retain your flow of new and returning patients, always focus on the emerging trends and show a willingness to adapt and evolve in a new digital world.


Remember that digital marketing is likely to take huge strides in the future; therefore, it is important to know about the emerging trends.

The best way is to start devising strategies around the upcoming trends. Implement video marketing to gain the trust of your audience and make mobile-friendly content to unleash the opportunity that your competitors might be missing out on their SEO strategies.

Understanding future marketing trends can help you convey information about your products and services more appropriately.

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