LinkedIn Secret: How to increase visitors to your website by 500 to 1,000% or more (Video)

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Today’s video is simple; I will show you in just a few minutes a day how you can potentially increase your traffic of your blog by 500 to 1,000 percent or more.

4 things you will need to do, before getting started.


1.  Create a good website

Simple, to the point, less is more with great graphics – If you have a wall of text on every page, I guarantee no one will read it.

Recommend reading for more information on how to create a online marketing strategy.  Take a look at the right sidebar and read the 12 40K word guides available.  Great content that will teach you many strategies that will help your business grow.

2. Research your target audience you would like to sell to

Choose groups on LinkedIn that have users that may be interested in your blog and services.  Example ReferralMD targets practitioners of all types, from labs, dentists, medical, clinics etc. for their virtual referral network application that simplifies the referral exchange process between 2 organizations.

3.  Create a blog that you add content to at least 2 to 3 days a week

Goal is to write great content that adds value to your potential customers businesses by offering guides on how to do something that most do not know about.

Here are 2 great articles on how to blog more effectively and drive tons of traffic to your site and more patient revenue.
1. 8 Quick Steps You Can Do Today to Set Your Healthcare Practice Up for Gigantic Success
2. The Doctor’s Ultimate Guide to Blogging – Weekly RoundUp

*Note you can only join up to 50 groups with LinkedIn, so if you have additional staff in your company have them each use their LinkedIn account to join 50 other groups you are not apart of and spread your message.

4.   Measure your success

Setup a Google Analytics account for your website so you can see how your campaigns are doing, what content is being read the most, and how many visitors are viewing your site.

Example of it in action.  ReferralMD’s website was launched last month and already has 3,143 visits – See how many are from LinkedIn? Huge traffic by writing good content, and sharing it with all your groups. Simple and effective.

Update: Since writing this article 3 years ago, we now have 140K visitors a month and growing.  

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