Are you still using the Yellowpages to market your medical or dental practice?

Say Goodbye to expensive and ineffective Yellowpage advertising.

Here is a poll which hopefully most of you know the outcome to already.  Yellowbook and most print based advertising are becoming more and more irrelevant.  Online marketing is where people are going to search for goods and services.  If you are not ranked on the Top page of Google, you are missing out on a very large percentage of potential patients and doctor referrals.

How many times do you get a book on your doorstep and just toss it? We guarantee most people do to, so why do you keep paying a monthly fee to be in it?

Its time to invest in  your business again.

Only about 10% of business owners use yellow page phone books more than once per month; 3 out of 4 don’t use it at all:

How many times per month do you rely on a yellow page phone book to find a local business?
“Zero” – 75%
“Once” – 14%
“Between two and four times” – 8%
“Five or more times” – 3%

And the percent of users that do not use the phone book at all is steadily climbing.  Why invest 5 to 10k a month with ads that no one reads?

Using effective online marketing techniques such as:

Learn the top 31 medical marketing techniques for attracting new patients and referral colleagues which will result in higher revenues for your organization.


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