A better way to monetize, manage,
and grow your physician network

referralMD is powerful CRM for health providers to track referral sources, patients, collaboration opportunities,
follow-up activity and measure localized network growth across organizations, locations, and specialties

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Professional network for:

ACOs, IPAs, Hospitals, Dentists, Specialists, General Practitioners, Labs, Imaging Centers and more…


Save 3 to 5+ hours per day/coordinator by improving care team productivity, quality of care, and outcomes


Get rid of the referral pad marketing activity by connecting to your network online and stay top-of-mind.


Align your physician network in the cloud and manage referral leakage, lost referrals, and no-show patients automatically

Benefits to our system include an updated and improved user interface, increased referral efficiencies, and a more comprehensive analytics package.

Create a Super-Network of Healthcare Providers

referralMD makes it easy to track the 1000′s of other primary care and specialist providers in your city. Real-time 2-way referrals without the phone tag, fax or spreadsheets.

Designed for hospitals, clinics, general practitioners, imaging centers, labs, dentists, insurance companies, and all other healthcare professionals.

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More Money in Your Pocket

referralMD helps your healthcare institution capture more revenue (Average $42k/year for a general practitioner, more for larger facilities) by reducing referral processing time and the chance that you will lose valuable referrals that could be worth even more to your bottom line.

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  1. Create a referralMD account in seconds.
  2. Securely connect to your referral partners in minutes.
  3. No Hardware. No Software. Complements every EMR.
  4. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No long-term contracts.

Invite your entire organization to join; referral coordinators, staff, doctors, directors of marketing, executives and risk managers
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No Fax, No Forms, No Phone-Tag, No Hassle

Easily send and receive digital referral letters in less then 30 seconds. referralMD simplifies your daily activities so you can get back to taking care of patients and not paper.

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Protect your Practice and Eliminate Errors

Referral errors are costly for both your patient and your practice. The risk of a referral not being read in time can cost you more than time; it can cost you money and your reputation.

referralMD provides you with the piece of mind by tracking everything that is sent and received, so there are no more questions “Did you receive the referral?”

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Powerful Analytics, Without the Spreadsheets

Tired of inaccurate spreadsheet reports that offer no real incite to how well your referral network is doing? Time to upgrade to a real-time reporting system that does all the work for you.

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Increased Patient Satisfaction and Safety

With referralMD, the quality of patient care is dramatically improved by providing a timely and up-to-date view of every referral without patients needing to courier their own documents.

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