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Compliant Provider Referral Network

Build stronger and more profitable business relationships with your referral sources
by streamlining communication, reducing referral leakage, managing outreach
opportunities, and tracking referral patterns across organizations & specialties.

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Benefits for an: ACO, Hospital, & Provider


    Simplify and standardize your referral process.

    Simple to implement - easy to use. Save multiple hours a day processing referral requests. With an improved user interface that resembles email, anyone can use it.


    Provide a faster and more secure way for patients to receive follow-up treatment.

    Track peer-to-peer communication, insurances accepted, and average appointment times so patients receive better care.


    Increase customer service and visibility with every provider in your network

    Stay top-of-mind by promoting and tracking your business relationships online versus relying on referral pads and spreadsheets.


    Grow your referral volume and revenue.

    Increase patient retention and conversion rates while reducing referral leakage and no-show patients.


    Monitor colleague participation, referral patterns, and marketing efforts.

    referralMD tracks and graphs the value and performance of your referral network over time so you can instantly see how changes in your marketing efforts affect your organization and the bottom line.

A truly modern approach your staff
and patients will love

What healthcare professionals are saying

  • fabrizio-dds-logo

    Enormous amount of time wasted around synchronizing referrals using fax and paper, referralMD solves this headache for my staff and I.

  • logo-mskcc

    I am interested in monitoring marketing activities and referral patterns.

  • logo-bwh

    I’m leading an internal effort to improve our in-and out-of-house communications and am intrigued by the product you are offering as a potential long-term solution for us.

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