SmartMATCH Decision Support

The only provider directory for consumers, referring providers, payers and call centers to match patients with the most appropriate, high-quality provider.


Improve Value-Based Care Contracts

Improve Value-Based Care Contracts

An accurate provider directory will help improve data governance, claims reimbursement and customer relationship management.

Increase Patient Acquisition

Increase Patient Acquisition

Offer patients a better way to interact with your health system and solve the supply-demand mismatches in healthcare with full-self service capabilities to book an appointment with providers that are the most appropriate.

Up-to-Date Provider Profiles

Up-to-Date Provider Profiles

Offer your health team and partners an accurate provider directory across all care settings, including provider experience, specialty, sub-specialty, insurance accepted, cost/quality data, affiliation, wait times, and more.

Send Referrals to the Most Appropriate Provider

Send Referrals to the Most Appropriate Provider

  • Easily send referrals to any one of 5 million+ providers already in our provider directory and track if they receive/accept the referral in real-time.
  • Call centers and referral coordinator can easily track doctor affiliations across networks to help minimize patient referral leakage.
Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

  • Each department/specialty can create a referral intake form/workflow checklists with the exact questions that are required before the patient can be seen, including medical records, x-rays, labs, and even dicoms so that you reduce inappropriate referrals.
  • Offer guidance to PCPs while they send you a referral so you can help them reduce the guesswork and improve customer service.
Provider Rating and Reviews

Provider Rating and Reviews

  • Rate external providers in your referral network including staff sentiment so your team can exchange referrals with only the most appropriate providers.
  • Reviews are private and can only be seen by your organization.
Provider Scorecard

Provider Scorecard

Research the most appropriate providers for your patients using quantitative and qualitative data that includes:

  • Provider demographics and experience.
  • Provider locations and affiliations.
  • Provider specialties / sub-specialties.
  • Procedures offered / conditions treated
  • Average referral to appointment times.
  • Average response times to consults.
  • Internal employee staff.
  • External referral network partnerships.
  • Insurances accepted.
  • And much more.


Why is a Provider Directory Important

45 %

CMS found that about 45% of Medicare Advantage provider directory entries were inaccurate.


21 Payers issued warnings due to having inaccurate provider directories

55-65 %

55-65% of potential hospital revenue is lost due to leakage due to misrouting patients to incorrect providers

38 %

Inaccuracies with the highest likelihood of preventing access to care were found in 38.4% of all locations

Solve Your Interoperability Challenge

We integrate with ALL electronic medical record and practice management software with Direct Message, API, HL7, or FHIR.

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