Healthcare Leadership Podcast Series

Healthcare Leadership Podcast presented by ReferralMD - your go-to resource for increasing practice efficiency and revenue. In each episode, we share tips, tricks, trends, and real stories from physicians and healthcare executives so you can hear what really works to grow your practice.

Episode 3 - Why some healthcare practices have embraced telemedicine…even post COVID

Even before COVID, Dr. Michael Greiwe, knew that telemedicine technology would help his orthopedic practice, OrthoCincy, grow as well as increase his patient’s satisfaction and engagement. So he developed the OrthoLive telemedicine platform because there was nothing that met his needs as an orthopedic provider.In this episode, hosts John Ellis and Jennifer Thompson chat with Dr. Greiwe, Founder of Ortholive, which provides convenient, secure access to care while increasing efficiency, revenue, and user satisfaction without a steep or unnecessary learning curve. Listen as we discuss how telemedicine has affected the healthcare industry, the challenges, and the opportunities and what it may look like a few years from now.


Tune in to discover:


  • The process and the challenges of implementing telemedicine
  • The evolution and role of improved technology
  • What happens to telemedicine post-COVID?
  • Is there data that correlates to increased revenue for practices?
  • Is telemedicine a sustainable model where healthcare clinics use telemedicine to fill empty appointment slots?
  • The accessibility of telemedicine for rural communities and healthcare practices

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