ReferralMD Enhances eConsults and Deepens ConferMED Partnership

ReferralMD’s new Consult Management features and expanded partnership with ConferMED strengthen eConsults, enhancing patient care and cost savings.

ReferralMD, the leader in care coordination and patient access technology, announces the release of its new Consult Management features and the extension of its partnership with ConferMED. With eConsults, ReferralMD improves the patient experience, reduces costs, and expands the scope of primary care by providing crucial clinical guidance from specialists.

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Primary care providers can confer with specialists through eConsults before making referrals for face-to-face care. Organizations can send consult requests to specialists in their internal network and in the ConferMED virtual network, ensuring that eConsults are reviewed promptly.

The key enhancements in the Consult Management solution include:

  • Structured Workflow with Customization
  • Automated Alerts Similar to Referrals
  • Access to ConferMED Virtual Specialist Network
  • Customizing In-Network Specialist Availability
  • Converting Consults to Referrals
  • New Consult Management Reports

“By extending the care coordination capabilities in our platform, providers can seamlessly incorporate eConsults and Referrals into their workflow through a tight integration with their EHRs,” stated Rick Hammer, Chief Product Officer at ReferralMD. “We are also deepening our collaboration with ConferMED to give our customers access to ConferMED’s impressive network of specialists focused on eConsults.”

Daren Anderson, MD, President of ConferMED, states, “Referrals from primary care to specialists are a pain point for practices and patients. Our partnership with ReferralMD offers a complete end-to-end solution to help primary care providers meet as many of their patient’s needs as possible in their clinics while efficiently managing the process of referring to outside specialists whenever needed.”

With these new Consult Management features, ReferralMD continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing healthcare technology and providing innovative solutions that revolutionize how primary and specialty care providers collaborate.

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD delivers proven consult and referral management, patient access, and CRM marketing solutions that empower hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers to streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage, and improve communication between providers and patients. With powerful clinical decision support tools and real-time analytics, ReferralMD helps healthcare providers increase revenue, drive operational efficiencies, and improve customer service. To learn more about ReferralMD, please visit

About ConferMED

ConferMED allows primary care providers to quickly and easily communicate with a national network of specialists in all major adult and pediatric medical and behavioral health disciplines via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Questions requiring a specialty consult frequently can be resolved for the PCP without requiring the patient to incur the cost and inconvenience of a specialist visit. ConferMED is currently providing eConsults to primary care providers and practices in 30 states. To learn more, visit

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