Press Ganey on New Healthcare Consumer Experience Trends

In this episode of the Healthcare Leadership Podcast, host Jennifer Thompson discusses the insights from the 2021 Consumer Experience Trends in Healthcare with Press Ganey’s Director of Channel Partnerships Matthew Davis, to determine the biggest shifts in patient habits that your practice needs to know – and how to improve their digital footprint accordingly.

Since 2019, Press Ganey has gathered patient surveys to produce an annual report of what is driving them to pick one provider over another. And the findings are clear: Without a positive, up-to-date, and lively online presence, healthcare practices are falling behind and losing patients to the competition.

Tune in to discover:

  • How the travel industry revolutionized consumer insights and data collection and the path for healthcare to follow suit
  • The methodology of the Press Ganey survey and its key findings
  • What percentage of patients refuse to see a provider with lower than a 4-star review average
  • How the pandemic and changes in telemedicine affected how consumers interact with online channels
  • Tips for healthcare providers to keep up with consumer expectations and improve access to information about their practice online

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