Using Video to Promote Your Healthcare Practice

When it comes to promoting your healthcare practice on social media, video content is an excellent choice. Not only is it easy to understand, but also it engages your patients, current and future, better. It’s no wonder that most businesses opt for this strategy to generate more customers in the space of a short time. This holds for the healthcare industry as well. Check out this list of doctors on YouTube to see why more and more healthcare practices embrace video content in their marketing plans. The marketing strategy of video content used for advertising the business is also called marketing video. It’s the simplified form of textual copy that utilized storytelling and moving pictures to engage the viewers.  This marketing tactic helps the healthcare industry connect with patients much more efficiently. Also, video content gives the health professional a chance to educate patients and the public in real-time.

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Benefits of Video Content in Healthcare Industries

1. Improve the Audience’s Knowledge

Educating the patients and audience is a challenging task. You must create content that’s engaging and informative at the same time. Videos can be a great tool for this matter. Using a video is a best practice to capture the audience’s attention quickly.

The utmost reason is that people prefer to receive information in the form of video. It’s fast and easy to understand even under a tight time. Healthcare organizations can also act as knowledge providers. So, when you need a medium to share crucial health-related information, videos are a way to go.

2. Boost Brand Credibility  

Video content gives your healthcare business a more professional look that potential customers can trust instantly. Using video is a way to improve your brand’s credibility and showcase your service in a meaningful way.    

When it comes to receiving exposure, videos are excellent to promote your health service. Potential patients are more likely convinced with your healthcare organization after watching the video content. Ultimately, you’ll generate more customers.

6 Types of Healthcare Video Content 

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to reach potential patients. These marketing strategies include a significant narration that best represented the healthcare business. The use of animation in the video makes it easier for everyone to understand the message a brand conveys.

If you’re looking for better introductory or welcome videos on your site, explainer videos are ideal to choose from. The short-length video allows visitors to digest information quickly. It keeps them informed about your healthcare service without digging further into your site.    

Moreover, explainer videos can retain viewers as well as potential patients from changing decisions. The video content particularly showcases your health services, resulting in how professional your brand is in the industry.

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2. Physician Information Videos

Rather than using a plain magazine about your medical staff, incorporating video profiles is way better. Not only is it more engaging to the audience, but also it contains concise information. Video content allows them to stay informed much effectively.

Patients can now choose their physician before making an appointment. Creating video profiles about health professionals can improve patients’ experience. It’s also an incredible way to introduce your medical personnel to potential patients.    

You can showcase your healthcare teams along the way. Using this marketing video will help your business get a wider acknowledgment. Physician profile videos can ensure you get more appointment schedules at the end of the day.    

3. Documentary

People love documentaries. Healthcare-related documentary videos aren’t an exemption. In fact, over 64 million Netflix subscribers watched this type of video content in 2020. That means viewers are longing into this video a lot.

Documentary in the healthcare business can include many things, such as inventing a method to treat a rare disease. This report gives potential patients hope and yearning for their similar situation. Eventually, they will consider your brand over the competitors—thanks to your engaging video content.

You can also implement this video to raise awareness efficiently and expose the brand to a broader reach. While it’s more nuanced for marketing purposes, a documentary can help spread knowledge better.

4. Event Videos

Event videos are an excellent way to increase ROI when used in a trade show or conference. These videos record live conventions and showcase your brand to those who are unable to attend the event. They are powerful content to spread information about your health service.

Most companies invest in this video content due to its ability to gain trust from customers. The reason is that event videos allow your healthcare business to look more transparent, resulting in your brand standing out in the crowd. Also, event videos can show potential customers your achievement and business’ activities over the years.

Some of the types of event videos are:  

  • Trade shows
  • Grand openings
  • Fundraisers
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences

5. Testimonials

People love to listen to a success story. Testimonials can engage with the audience emotionally. This video is a convincing way of showing your potential patients that your healthcare service is credible and capable of treating their lives. Incorporating testimonials help prospective customers trust your company.

A good story will resonate with people who suffer similar conditions. It bounds them with the hope of successful treatment, which ultimately leads to using your services. Patient stories support your business’ objectives to not only heal them but acquire more customers.

Here are some facts about testimonials on business:

  • 72 % of patients prefer a particular healthcare organization because of positive testimonials on the internet
  • 88 % of consumers see online reviews as peer recommendations

6. Commercials

The healthcare industry has used commercials in the past because they work out. The reason for a successful commercial is that it’s short and concise. It includes important information packed in an entertaining way, which allows viewers to understand the message easily.

A video commercial is common to implement in the healthcare business. In its short-lengthed form, a commercial contains an educational message and the call-to-action (CTA) for the desired impact.

For example, a commercial about back pain can raise awareness about the illness itself. However, you can also insert a prominent way to treat this disease with your service or product. More viewers will likely remember your brand in an instant when they come up with a back pain term in mind.  


Healthcare is a growing and evolving industry. Thanks to the advent of the internet and its technology, a healthcare organization can strive much more efficiently. Using video content as part of its marketing scheme can help improve patients’ and medical professional experience. It also showcases the deeper side of the organization itself.

Your marketing video should reach out to the audience. One of the best ways to connect with them is to incorporate strong storytelling. No matter what type of video you choose to create, it’s essential to deliver a story that touches your audience’s perspective.


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