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Believe it or not, writing good content on your website can directly grow your healthcare practice. Many medical professionals we speak with can’t quite connect the dots about content and growing their patients – but it’s actually pretty simple. I will break down how writing content for your practice can bring quality patients to your door. While writing is not a magic pill that makes your practice grow overnight, we have built a proven strategy for growing medical practices.

Let’s get started with some questions I regularly hear about investing in a content strategy and how writing can grow your private practice:

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Why Write For a Website?

Whether it’s on the service pages or blogs, writing content on your website creates opportunities for your target patients to find your practice. Here are some reasons you should write content regularly:

  1. We have proven to our patients that writing great content will bring you more patients – We have the data to show the results.
  2. The content showcases you as an expert.
  3. Content can be repurposed and posted on many different mediums: social media, email marketing, and beyond.
  4. The content shows Google your expertise – Google will learn that your website is about a certain topic and start ranking your website higher in its search results.

How Does It Work?

Many medical professions, including dentists, psychologists, and other specialty practitioners, ask us, “how does copywriting work to grow my business?” Let’s dive into how it works:

Google’s goal is to rank the most relevant results for searchers. Your patients are searching for great content that you have expertise in. For example, a psychologist’s patients may be searching for issues related to the current pandemic if they or their family members are currently struggling. Wouldn’t it be great to have your practice show up for the exact words, also known as keywords, for your patients needing your expertise?

What Should I Write About?

I consult with clients about what to write is to break down their main 3 services. If you’re a dentist and your main service is “teeth whitening,” then you should be creating content on subjects related to teeth whitening that your potential patients are searching for.

To find subjects that your patients are searching for, you’ll do what’s called “keyword research.” There are several free keyword research platforms, including the keyword planner in Google Ads. Another great tool is which allows you to type in the main service and then find relevant searches people are making. Some examples of topics you could write about teeth whitening:

  • What is teeth whitening?
  • How long does teeth whitening take?
  • Types of teeth whitening
  • Does teeth whitening at home really work?
  • Zoom teeth whitening vs. the competition

There are many ideas you could come up with!

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How Should I write?

After discovering the “what” you should be writing, the “how” is equally important. Here are some principles of good writing that both your customers and Google will love:

  1. Writing should be interesting to your potential target, not the way you think it should be written (i.e., Don’t write a bunch of fancy terms that your patients won’t understand)
  2. The length of each blog should be at least 500 words, but 1000 would be recommended.
  3. You should have 1 main topic (known as your h1 title) and subtopics that make sense underneath the main topic. If you’re talking about teeth whitening, don’t include a title and paragraph about straitening your teeth.
  4. Make sure that you have an image with an “alt tag” with your main title. Your “alt tag” is a way that Google images ranks images on their search algorithm. If your blog were about “5 before and after teeth whitenings”, that would be a great image to have a pop-up when someone searches for “before and after teeth whitenings” because the searcher would probably want to click on your image to see more content.
  5. You should include this main title in the meta title and meta description – these meta words are what Google uses to list your piece of content on their search results. If these aren’t attractive or don’t make sense to the patient browsing for a search result, they won’t click on your content!
  6. You should include a call-to-action title (h2 title, not the main h1 title) like this “Get Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables, FL” – See what I just did? I included the keyword + the city + the state symbol. This will help you rank locally in your city when someone searches for this term. Make sure to diversify this for each page of copy that you create.

Conclusion on Writing for Your Practice

Writing for your private practice is a great strategy that actually works to bring you new patients. Yes, it can take time to write 1000+ words each week, month, or other duration. The key is consistency, writing for your audience, and creating great, robust, expert posts. Before writing, a good thing to do once you know what to write about is to search on Google to see what exists currently for the topic. Perhaps you see that not a lot of great content has been written on a certain topic. This is an opportunity to create amazing content that positions your practice above the rest.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that you spend a few hours each week or month creating amazing content. Like working out, results won’t happen overnight. But if you stay consistent for 6+ months, you will see the difference.

Happy writing!

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