ReferralMD Announces Patient Direct Scheduling of Appointments

Patients Can Now Search for Providers and Schedule Appointments

ReferralMD, a leader in referral management and patient access, has announced that its care coordination platform now includes a patient engagement solution that allows patients as well as care coordinators to search for providers and schedule appointments from its customizable web portal.

Patients can search for doctors and specialists to find the right provider based on location, insurance, and appointment availability. Once the provider and location are selected, the patient books the appointment online and then receives a text or email confirmation message. Appointments can also be canceled or rescheduled online.

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The user-friendly solution allows patients and care coordinators to search from a curated list of available providers filtered by network, location, insurance, condition, procedure, specialty, and much more. In addition, a responsive Google map is displayed showing the locations of the providers in the list. Online scheduling improves the patient experience by allowing healthcare consumers to manage appointments themselves on any device.

Healthcare providers can define rules in the system so appointment reminders, along with instructions, are automatically sent to patients. Reminders can be sent via text or email when referrals are ordered, or when appointments are scheduled, confirmed or canceled. In addition, automated follow-up messages such as surveys can be sent after patients are seen. These automated workflows for patient communications engage patients directly and lower no-show rates dramatically.

“Our patient self-service tool for scheduling appointments compliments our provider self-service tool for sending referrals directly from the client’s website,” said David Bongiovanni, CEO of ReferralMD. “Direct scheduling by patients along with our automated patient communications empowers healthcare consumers to interact directly with their providers and manage their appointments online.”

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