CIC Manages Referral Network and Streamlines Referral Process Using Centralized Platform

CHARLESTON, SC, August 22, 2019 — ReferralMD, the leader in referral management, today announced that Comprehensive Integrated Care (CIC) has reported its outcomes after implementing ReferralMD’s platform to manage its referral process and referral partner network.  CIC is an integrated system of physician practices and outpatient centers committed to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience for its patients.

CIC needed a centralized referral management solution with the potential to maximize its referral network and standardize internal processes.  Prior to implementing ReferralMD they had challenges with disjointed and inefficient processes.

CIC had three business objectives for the implementation of ReferralMD.  First was to better manage inbound faxes and referrals and drive operational efficiencies.  Second was to improve internal communications and close the loop with referring providers.  Third objective was to effectively manage its referral partner network and leverage analytics to better inform its marketing strategy.

ReferralMD was able to help CIC accomplish all of its business objectives related to referrals.  By centralizing the fax and referral workflows and setting up alerts, CIC has been able to resolve issues quickly and identify bottlenecks in the process.  The automated status reports keep referring providers in the loop and eliminate unnecessary phone calls.   CIC uses the CRM to document all of its outreach activities and leverages the Provider Directory to research new referral partners.  Using real-time analytics, CIC can better manage its referral network by monitoring referral trends, referral sources, and outreach activity.

“We are pleased with the results so far after implementing ReferralMD across our organization,” said Nicole Montoya, Director of Marketing for CIC.  “The system has enabled us to centralize our scheduling process and collect meaningful referral data to apply to our business planning.  ReferralMD has been very responsive to our requests and helps us get the most out of the analytics in the system which we use to inform our marketing strategy.”

“Since implementing ReferralMD’s platform, CIC has seen a 44% decrease in referral processing time as well as a 46% decrease in patient wait time,” said Rick Hammer, Chief Product Officer of ReferralMD.  “We are excited to partner with CIC as they continue to expand their organization while driving ongoing quality improvements and operational efficiencies.  By listening to CIC and our other customers, we are able to continue enhancing our solution and processes in order to drive better outcomes for our customers.”

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ReferralMD delivers proven consult and referral management, patient access and CRM marketing solutions that help hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage and improve communication between providers and patients. With powerful clinical decision support tools and real-time analytics, ReferralMD helps healthcare providers increase revenue, drive operational efficiencies and improve customer service. To learn more about ReferralMD, please visit

About Comprehensive Integrated Care

Comprehensive Integrated Care (CIC) is an integrated system of physician practices and outpatient centers committed to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience for its patients. CIC offers interventional endovascular care for lower extremity arterial disease, cancer care, cardiology services, diagnostic services, men’s health services, podiatry services, vein care, and women’s health services. CIC has locations in Arizona, Oregon, and Utah. To learn more about Comprehensive Integrated Care, please visit

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