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Healthcare Associates of Texas: Dallas Primary Care Partners with ReferralMD to Improve Communication with Specialists

SAN FRANCISCO (12/07/2017) – ReferralMD is proud to announce a partnership with Healthcare Associates of Texas: Dallas Primary Care Clinics  to improve communication with specialists.


Business Challenges

Healthcare Associates of Texas needed a way to better manage their referral process, close the feedback loop with external providers and provide better visibility into their referral network.  The current system of faxing documents left a wide communication gap due to the lack of follow through and left HCA in the dark with it’s patients.  Without knowing the status of their patients and the diagnosis, HCA was unable to participate in further care for their patients and often lost patients to competing offices due to lack of follow-up. 


Actions Taken

Healthcare Associates of Texas implemented ReferralMD in January 2017 to help streamline their referral management process, close the feedback loop and gain valuable insights in their referral network through real-time analytics.  


The Results

In less than a year, Healthcare Associates of Texas has experienced a completely transformed referral management process that facilitates an efficient workflow and improved communication with external providers with the goal being to receive notifications when a patient was accepted, scheduled and appointment was completed.  Their new referral queue automatically sends an invitation code via fax to new external providers, providing access to setup a free limited account to review and update referrals online.

Subsequent referrals are received via email with a link to access the referral record.   Once the specialist receives the referral, they can now update HCA in real-time of the status (Accepted, denied, scheduled, completed) and electronically communicate with secure messages and send files (CCDs, x-rays, dicoms); all without using the fax machine, snail-mail, or phone calls.

  • We help HCA track 612 different providers in the community network and facilitate electronic referrals instead of using the fax machine coined the “one-way black-hole” or healthcare’s API. 


About Healthcare Associates of Texas

Founded in 1991, Healthcare Associates of Texas is a family medicine and multi-specialty care provider with three locations in north Texas. They provide a total continuum of care by offering comprehensive services such as diagnostic imaging, on-site laboratory and full-service pharmacy.

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD is a San Francisco based enterprise digital health company with a mission of optimizing communication between health systems, insurance companies and patients.

ReferralMD is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based referral management platform (CRM). In addition, we offer a group of technologies; e-consult, patient engagement, decision support, fax management, patient-provider matching, and analytics.

Please visit www.getreferralmd.com to learn more.

Press Contact:
Alicia Johnson
Email: alicia@getreferralmd.com

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