Healthcare Innovation: Silicon Valley Style with Health 2.0 and Chelsea Clinton

The Wild West of Healthcare

We are officially in the midst of the wild west of healthcare, where anything can happen, as we can see with Silicon Valley’s Practice Fusion’s very own CEO Ryan Howard stepping down so the company can work on their IPO strategy.  Looking forward to seeing how everything goes with hopes that the company can prosper once again.

With that being said, the times are only getting better for healthcare startups and investors as billions of dollars from private companies and insurance companies are flowing in at a massive rate as we can see from the Rock Health Graph below.


October Health 2.0 Style

Next month Silicon Valley is getting ready for what will be one of the biggest conferences of the year for healthcare professionals.  With Chelsea Clinton participating it looks to be a great week for healthcare.



Summary of what to expect:

150 LIVE Product Demos. 100+ Thought Leaders. 10 New Company Launches. 2000+ Attendees. 4 Days of Prime Networking.  Known as the largest global conference and innovation community in digital health, Health 2.0 is excited to announce the final agenda for The 9th Annual Fall Conference.  Speakers will focus on their unique challenges that they have faced within the healthcare system as well as opportunities to advance healthy communities:

  • Chelsea Clinton: Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation. Chelsea will speak to women’s health and her work to strengthen health systems in developing countries, increase opportunities for women and girls around the world, and to help Americans live healthier lives.
  • Bob Wachter: Professor and Associate Chair of the Dept. of Medicine, University of California San Francisco. Bob will share insights from his latest book “The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Digital Age” which examines the promises, controversies and obstacles in the new digital age of healthcare.
  • Susannah Fox, CTO, HHS. Susannah will share her understanding of the patient experience, which includes the role of open data, patient shadowing, and her role at U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

Other speakers include:

  • Jeff Arnold, CEO, Sharecare
  • James L. Madara, CEO and EVP, American Medical Association
  • Robin Thurston, Chief Digital Officer, Under Armour
  • Tamara St. Claire, Chief Innovation Officer, Xerox
  • Gregory Orr, Director of Consumer Digital Health, Walgreens
  • Sachin Jain, Chief Medical Officer, CareMore
  • Jonathan White, Deputy Director ONC, HHS


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