Why is Printed Material Still #1 in Patient Education? InfoGraphic 2012

If you have read our e-book that we recently published (Download it here) about how to implement a strategic marketing action plan, you know we usually despise print as a medium to educate other doctors or patients.

This is primarily due to the cost to produce, print, and promote the materials.  Now in a past life, I heavily relied on printed materials to sell my products.   But I soon realized that printed materials would only help promote my company if someone was their constantly handing it out. (Which is not realistic)

I learned quickly that being online and ranked in the Top 10 in my local market on Google was far more effective and garnered a much higher return on investment because my company was being promoted 24 hours a day. (The e-book  has some ideas on how to conquer your online domain)

Reliance on Paper

So why is it that doctors still heavily rely on paper to educate their patients when there are much better tools on the market?

I personally feel that most doctors say they do not have the time to research applications that would be better for their patients so they stick with the standard’s that they have grown accustom to.  The issue is that if you do not have the time, have your staff or a consultant come and educate you every 6 months so that your practice does not fall behind.

Education is a big part of patient loyalty and the better you treat your patients today will result in many more referrals tomorrow. (Here is a quick tip to increase patient loyalty)

Check out this interesting infographic about paper usage and doctors.

Paper and Healthcare Infographic

(click image to enlarge)

Digital Education Resources

We found a very interesting company called 3d4Medical that creates amazing 3d applications to help doctors educate their patients instead of using paper brochures.

What types of education material do you currently use in your practice?

Drop us a line and let us know.

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