5 great ways on how to win patients and increase referrals

Have you been wondering how to increase patients?

marketing_patients 5 great ways on how to win patients and increase referralsIt really doesn’t require a magic formula. It simply requires patience, together with a good plan that you work at consistently. Let’s look at some of the steps you may wish to include in your plan:

  1. Are you taking a look at every one of your departures — those patients who request their medical records and poof! they’re gone. Does your office staff track your losses? Does your office staff ask patients why they are leaving or ask them to complete a simple questionnaire? If not, then they should be. It’s impossible to increase your patient base if you lose one patient, or more, for every one you take in. A questionnaire not only will help you track the patients who are leaving your practice, but it also will clue you in to improvements you may wish to put into place. An example would to use a free software called surveymonkey.com or a host of other survey applications
  2. Are you getting as many referrals as you should be? Check out our recent post The Doctor CARE System for  some simple and effective ways to change your referral-base from stagnant to dynamic.
  3. Are you as visible within the community as you should be? You can increase your visibility — and thereby increase the chances of someone contacting your office for an appointment — by attending non-medical meetings.  A good place to start is your local Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the benefits of becoming a Chamber member; for a small, annual fee you gain  access to many of the business people within your community as well as a listing in the chamber directory. Check out civic organizations such as the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs, just to name a few.
  4. Are you using social media to your advantage? You’ve heard of it, but are you using it? We’re talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. If you’re not up on these newer technologies, there are many sites on-line that can give you the basic information you need to begin using these valuable tools. You probably have staff who’d be glad to teach you some basics, too. And if you haven’t read them, take a look at Using Facebook to Market Your Medical/Dental Practice and Be a Rock Star on LinkedIn.
  5. Have you thought about a TV commercial? Broadcast can be a powerful medium for getting your message out and reaching a wide range of customers in the network’s viewing area. It’s as simple as contacting your local network affiliate to find out the kinds of production and advertising packages they have available to you. If TV advertising is one of the choices you make, be sure to have your ad professionally produced.

These are only a few ways to increase patients, but they can easily form the foundation for your practice marketing plan.

For more ideas about increasing patients, tracking your referrals online instead of paper,  and practice management, contact us.

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