Concerned about Patient Privacy? 7 Disastrous HIPAA Violations to Avoid

Thumbnail image for Concerned about Patient Privacy? 7 Disastrous HIPAA Violations to Avoid by Jonathan Govette

You have heard the statements. HIPAA violations happen all the time.  No one ever gets caught.  No one will ever discover the breach.  Don’t be so sure.  Privacy and Security have become huge social concerns.  It is big news.  HIPAA privacy and security breaches are discovered. People are caught, fined, sued and pay a lots [...]

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Electronic Medical Records – Past, Present, and Future?

The EMR is outdated by Fred Pennic

Dr. Donald Voltz, MD discusses how the electronic medical records of today is merely a duplication of the past and how future EMR systems must align medical professionals with data that needs to be collaborative.  The open question regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is what they now offer the medical community and what would medical professionals [...]

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Tackling the Heartbleed Bug in Health Care : Are you at Risk?

How the heartbleed bug is effecting health care by Emily Newhook

As word of the Heartbleed bug spread across the Internet, IT professionals across all industries have taken notice and are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. Public health officials, health care administrators and privacy advocates are concerned about the potential security implications for patients and medical providers, especially given the sensitivity of patient data such as [...]

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Is the Cloud the Answer to your Hospital’s Challenges? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Healthcare IT and the Cloud by Fred Pennic

Hospitals are currently struggling to deal with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) upgrades, figuring out Health Information Exchange (HIE) compatibility, Meaningful Use mandates, and the upgrades required for International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, (ICD-10) Click image to enlarge Image courtesy of:

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How to Use #Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hashtags and Twitter by Jonathan Govette

Why are #Hashtags important? Here is a great infographic detailing why tweets with hashtags get more engagement. Need some examples of healthcare hashtags? Read our 2 articles below: Top 30 Healthcare Twitter Hashtags to use while Tweeting  How to Use Twitter for Healthcare Effectively (4 Tips) Click image to increase size  Image courtesy of

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The Painful Reality of the ICD-10 Delay

ICD-10 may be delayed by Fred Pennic

Congress is on the verge of delaying healthcare’s new diagnosis code system for another year — a relief to doctors, but a pain for CIOs.  If the implementation of ICD-10 diagnosis codes is delayed by an act of Congress, as seems likely, doctors may be spared a headache — but healthcare CIOs will gain one. [...]

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