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Healthcare Leadership Podcast presented by ReferralMD - your go-to resource for increasing practice efficiency and revenue. In each episode we share tips, tricks, trends, and real stories from physicians and healthcare executives so you can hear what really works to grow your practice.

Where Have All the Referrals Gone? [Practice Perspective]

Consolidation, as well as COVID, has been one of the biggest disrupters in healthcare for private practices.  Private/Independent practices have to find a way to get bigger or find a niche in order to grow their practice. The consolidation affects the flow of patient referrals a private practice needs to stay in business.


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Why some healthcare practices have embraced telemedicine…even post COVID

Even before COVID, Dr. Michael Greiwe, knew that telemedicine technology would help his orthopedic practice, OrthoCincy, grow as well as increase his patient’s satisfaction and engagement. So he developed the OrthoLive telemedicine platform because there was nothing that met his needs as an orthopedic provider.


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5 Tips to Improve Clinic Flow and Increase Sales on Premium Services

We all know how important it is for any healthcare practice to effectively measure results and target key areas for revenue growth.  So, what are some easy ways to improve clinic flow, increase sales, and create a sustainable model for growth?


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Does the Consolidation of Independent Practices Hurt Healthcare?

Consolidation is a normal part of any industry, but how is the current trend of consolidation in healthcare (be it from private equity or hospital buyouts), affecting physicians and patients?


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The 5 Best Digital Productivity Tools for Getting Things Done at Your Medical Practice

In any given day there’s only so much time, energy, and capital, right?  So, as a healthcare leader at your practice, how can you make the most of your available resources to improve workflow and get more done?

In this episode, hosts John Ellis and Jennifer Thompson chat with Corey Gehrold of Insight Marketing Group, a healthcare-centric marketing company, to uncover the top 5 productivity tools he recommends for medical practice leadership clients.


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