Healthcare Leadership Podcast Series

Healthcare Leadership Podcast presented by ReferralMD - your go-to resource for increasing practice efficiency and revenue. In each episode, we share tips, tricks, trends, and real stories from physicians and healthcare executives so you can hear what really works to grow your practice.

Episode 7
Real Estate Tips for Your Growing Medical Practice

When it comes to expanding your personal practice or finding opportunities to further populate your financial portfolio, the value of real estate is a no-brainer when you begin to look at the data.

In this episode, host Jennifer Thompson chats with healthcare real estate expert Trisha Talbot to answer questions about the various benefits of real estate for a medical provider, how to successfully own and operate buildings and facilities, and what options are out there for investment given today’s market.


Tune in to the episode to learn:


  • What healthcare providers may find challenging about owning a facility and practicing medicine at the same time
  • How hiring a property manager could help with management tasks and processes
  • The current trends in site selection for private healthcare practices
  • How to use healthcare real estate as both a financial and a strategic tool

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