Healthcare Leadership Podcast Series

Healthcare Leadership Podcast presented by ReferralMD - your go-to resource for increasing practice efficiency and revenue. In each episode, we share tips, tricks, trends, and real stories from physicians and healthcare executives so you can hear what really works to grow your practice.

Episode 4
5 Tips to Improve Clinic Flow and Increase Sales on Premium Services

We all know how important it is for any healthcare practice to effectively measure results and target key areas for revenue growth.  So, what are some easy ways to improve clinic flow, increase sales, and create a sustainable model for growth?

In this episode, hosts John Ellis and Jennifer Thompson chat with Christine Lapointe, an international medical practice revenue consultant, public speaker, customer experience trainer, and published author.  Listen as they share how to improve clinic flow and increase sales on premium service offerings while identifying key areas for growth. 


Tune in to discover:


  • How to deliver the right information at the right time to the right patient in the patient journey
  • Why patient flow, scripting, and a plan for practice staff are important
  • Our best hope for decreasing the cost of healthcare 
  • Ways to get around the challenge of practices saying they have no room in the schedule to see more patients or add additional services
  • Tips to measure the effectiveness of proper training 
  • How COVID has impacted employee training and engagement efforts and what to do about it

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