Glendale MRI Case Study

Pam Fletcher"When we switched to having all our faxes flow into ReferralMD software instead of our traditional fax machine, we stopped having to call (and potentially annoy) physician offices who had already faxed information that we never received. Also, now everything resides in one place making it far easier to manage instead of sorting through piles of paper."

- Pam Fletcher (Administrative Director)

About Glendale MRI

Glendale MRI has been serving communities in California, such as Glendale and Burbank, for 30+ years. The team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible for MRls, PET Scans, and other imaging methods.

Business Challenges

Glendale MRI had a challenge in managing the flow of information between referring offices. Information was getting lost thus making it hard for referring providers to send information quickly and appropriately so they could schedule and perform the correct scans.


By offering a solution that centralized all inbound faxes, phone calls, and other referral information into one work queue, Glendale MRI was able to manage their referrals faster as well as provide real-time feedback with top referring providers. This improved customer service and generated more referrals.

The Results

immediately after purchasing ReferralMD, Glendale MRI was able to see a dramatic decrease in processing time, upwards of 20 percent or 1.5 hours a day in time savings. This increased efficiency allowed their staff to prioritize patients in order of urgency and know in real-time if any referral was about to become latent.

About ReferralMD

ReferralMD is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based referral management platform (CRM). In addition, we offer a group of technologies; e-consult, decision support, fax management, provider directory, and analytics that complement a health system’s current EMR system with an integration or can be purchased as a standalone system by private practice groups.

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