10 Apps to Help you Stay Healthy

Living in a world where using mobile phones is exponentially rising, people have developed the habit of looking for all kinds of information through apps. Healthcare is no exception in this. Being aware of this, healthcare companies, clinics, medical centers, and hospitals have flooded the apps marketplace to aid people in preventing, diagnosing, and in some cases, treating certain health conditions.  Most to stay healthy.

The sophistication of mobile technology has enabled many health practitioners to offer opportunities for people to improve their health and safety in remarkable ways. Since most of these apps are free to install and easy to navigate, users can get their desired results in just a few steps or clicks.

In this era of variety in digital technology, users are spoiled for choice. Applications made to help people control their health constantly compete for making updates, topnotch features, and user-friendliness. Following are some of the good apps in this category that are on the rise in 2019.

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1. 8fit Workouts and Meal Planner

This app is a one-stop center for different kinds of workouts and healthy meal recipes prepared by professional nutritionists. Users can mark and track their weight loss goals through the progress-tracking feature. Hard-core users of 8fit can purchase the pro version of the app to get customized meal plans, additional workouts, and guidance from a personal coach.

All in all, it promotes a straightforward and custom way towards a healthy lifestyle. Taking every user’s individuality into account, it prescribes quick, 10-minute workouts to be carried out from any location, be it your home, office, park, or gym.

2. Nike Training Club

This app focuses on smart training techniques as opposed to exhausting and tough cardio exercises. It encourages users to go for flexible and intelligently designed workout plans customized for their individual body type and enjoyable enough for them to maintain consistency.

The owners of Nike Training Club do not seem to believe in mindless repetition or training programs that force users to raise their stamina. They propose different and more pleasant ways of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body.

The kinds of workouts available in this app include yoga, endurance, full equipment exercises, and bodyweight training. Hosted by celebrity athletes, the exercises are not only seen as valuable but also enjoyable by users.

3. Carrot Fit

The approach adopted by this app is to make you feel guilty If you install it but don’t follow it. It is interestingly effective to get all those lazy users who would pay the monthly fee for a gym but only end up going for a day or two throughout the month.

The owners of the Carrot Fit app seem to believe that insulting someone about their weight or appearance is an effective strategy in yielding favorable results. Thus the app declares itself as a “fitness overlord” and uses a not-so-nice way to tell people that they badly need to lose weight if they want to look good. After all, if we are not successful in losing weight by embracing the carrot way, the only other option we are left with is to deal with a stick.

This app doesn’t listen to you or take your commands but gives you strict instructions instead. It doesn’t give time to users to deal with their personal issues and gets straight to what they must do to achieve their weight loss goals.

The fitness plans proposed by Carrot Fit are often comical, with an element of insult and harshness to make you “do or die.” If you fail to follow and please the “Carrot,” your avatar will be shown being brutally electrocuted. This app is good for those who are really determined to achieve a weight loss goal within a certain period of time.

4. Argus: Calorie Counter & Steps

This app comes with an advanced sleep-tracking feature, calorie counting calculator, and a tracker for user’s daily activities. It is a comprehensive app for those looking to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle to maintain it in the long run.

Using this app will give you a general idea of how active a person you are in your daily routine. It also gives you the ability to gather crucial information about your health, such as your heartbeat, weight, sugar level, or blood pressure.

When the Argus app is installed, it has a captivating feature that asks you to take 30 steps to detect your health condition before asking to fill up the generic details in your profile, such as your name, age, and gender.

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5. Lose It! – Calorie Counter

This is a simple weight and meals tracking app with an easy-to-follow procedure towards a healthier body. Users become part of a community of active members, all of who are on a mission to raise their fitness levels and reduce the fat from their body.

For counting calories, the Lose It app provides a database of more than 7 million different food dishes or ingredients, with restaurant names and brands around the globe for some, which have been hand-curated by the app company’s on-staff nutrition experts. It also has a barcode scanner to upload the nutritional information that comes with food labels.

6. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Whether you want to tone up your body, lose excess weight, develop healthier habits, or start a new diet, MyFitnessPal will have you covered. It provides you with the largest food database, with more than 11 million food items in its catalog, which includes international cuisines with global and local brand labels.

Some of the astounding features of this app that set it apart from all its competitors include:

  • Restaurant logging,

  • Recipe importer,

  • Macro tracker,

  • Food insights,

  • Water tracking,

  • Personalized experience diary.

In other words, this is the kind of app that would not only help you achieve your weight loss goals but keep you so busy with all the tracking, calculating calories, and planning your meals and workouts, that you won’t even get time to cheat on your plans or skip workout sessions.

7. Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker

This app comes with a macro calculator, an intuitive food diary, and numerous healthy food recipes. The diet plans are categorized into Keto, Vegan, and other types. The app allows users to take a test to decide which diet plan suits them the best.

You can either choose to adopt a full-fledged and tested diet plan from the app or use it to track your daily calories and have a look at your regular nutritional values at a glance. Nutritional information can either be keyed manually or through the barcode scanner of the app for packaged products.

8. Fit Radio

This app has a unique concept that includes all the other popular apps in the health category. It doesn’t provide you with a calorie calculator or healthy meal plans but instead gives you musical tracks that boost your workouts. Users select music to suit their workout type, genre, BPM and more, to create a perfect playlist for their exercise sessions.

The app uses pace matching technology to match music with exercise strides, regulate your steps, and keep you going during hard-core training or cardio sessions. The makeup of various music mixes is designed to give you a breakthrough formula to increase your exercising stamina to levels beyond your imagination subconsciously.

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9. Instant Heart Rate

This heart rate monitor provides the facilities to users to measure their heartbeat and optimum heart rate training zones. Top research and medical institutions trust this app for accuracy, which is further authenticated by the 5-star ratings and positive reviews of its numerous users.

Users have to place their fingertip on their phone’s camera to show their resting heart rate to use this app. The app owners strongly recommend visiting a physician in case a medical emergency is detected.

10. Blood Pressure Companion

The purpose of this app is to track blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. The app has a neat interface with a visual monitor to detect your blood pressure through a histogram. The histogram or chart represents the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of users.

Since high blood pressure is one of the most commonly occurring diseases nowadays, this app is precious and counted among the top health-related apps of 2019.

Concluding Remarks

While it might have been awkward to imagine relying on a mobile app for fitness and health a decade ago, more and more people are getting used to these beneficial apps for this purpose nowadays.

Choose the app that suits your requirements from all those mentioned above, and get started on the path to achieving your weight loss and health betterment goals!

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