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Glendale MRI has been serving communities in California, such as Glendale and Burbank, for 30+ years. Their team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible from scheduling all the way through to the MRI scan.

Specialty: Radiology



Impact Summary:

  • 16 people
  • 20% overall time savings per day (1.5 hours a day per staff)

When Glendale MRI initiated an effort to streamline office efficiency and care coordination, they began with the first point of contact for most of their patients: the referral coordination/scheduling department.

At the time the majority of referrals came in via paper fax and were hard to track among the staff. Oftentimes it was hard to manage progress updates to their primary care partners to keep the communication lines open.


The Solution:

Glendale MRI launched the new referral management platform powered by referralMD that helps facilities coordinate patient appointments, medical records, and images (Dicoms), along with direct 2-way messages between facilities.

For those facilities that wish to continue faxing, Glendale MRI implemented the referralMD SmartFAX that takes all incoming and outgoing faxes and places them into a prioritized Work Queue allowing Glendale MRI to track each referral and patient appointment status without relying on spreadsheets or scribbled notes.

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All referrals are now searchable for future use and referring providers are automatically kept in the loop with patient status updates. The ability to send progress updates automatically helps Glendale MRI stay on top of their referral sources every week, which in turn generates more referrals.  Think of it as an external Marketing campaign that referralMD automatically sends out every week on your behalf, generating more buzz about your facility with less effort.


How we can help you:

referralMD was designed to help all organizations from small health practices like Glendale MRI to large Health Systems like Stanford and UHS.  If  you have a problem managing your referral network and want to drive more appropriate, high quality patients through your door, give us a call at 415-841-2727.

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