HIPAA Violations – Your Reputation, Your Wallet, and Your Freedom Are at Risk

In a previous article, “Healthcare’s Dirty Secret – 15 Million Patient’s Private Information Exposed Since 2009“, we showed you how many organizations were breached and how your reputation, your wallet, and  your freedom could be at risk.

Security Breaches on the Rise

Security breaches have increased over 32% over the past year in healthcare organizations costing an estimated 6.5 billion dollars annually according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.

HIPAA Breaches in United States
Thanks to HITConsultant.net for the information.

What areas are your practice are susceptible?

Are you still using software that stores data on physical hard-drives in your office, (ex. desktops or laptops) or using the fax machine and paper triplicate forms to process patient referrals? (referralMD – electronic referral management system) It’s time to upgrade your systems today.

What are your thoughts?

Leave us a comment below about your thoughts on the rise of breaches, and what we can do to improve the numbers.

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