3 Medical Marketing Tips to Find New Patients and Revenue for your dental or medical practice

Medical Marketing | Dental Marketing Services – 3 Tips

You may have a website, a Facebook page, and a blog. You have some type of online presence and you are wondering how you might use it to market your practice.

Doctor marketing | medical marketing | dental marketingIf you’re new at this or just getting started, these three medical marketing tips can help you establish and build your online presence into a useful marketing tool.

Blog. There is no better way to get your presence known than to write a blog. Don’t think of it as a marketing piece. Think of it as a way to share information and educate your readers.

If you write a blog…

  • Have a clear point of view and share it
  • Write in a reader-friendly, conversational tone
  • Keep it to less than 500 words (readers have a short attention span)
  • Add a question at the end to solicit input and generate conversation
  • Wrap it up with a referral to your website (Direct the reader to do something, often called an action item like Call today or email us for more information)

Keep in mind people reading your blog are looking for tidbits of advice and insight. If you can get a discussion going, you are more likely to attract more readers. Additionally, you may get clues to other topics for future blogs.

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Dear Dr.  However you establish your online presence, do not give medical advice online. When interacting with patients and consumers they are apt to ask medical questions specific to their particular situation. You may be tempted to respond as a gesture of good will. You’re better off directing them to your website or office number. Don’t put yourself in the position of potentially handing out wrong advice.    

Connect. In the everyday world, it can sometimes be too easy to think of physicians as cool, clinical, and rational. We often forget the very real human element that plays an important part in patient treatment. That connection needs to carry over into world of healthcare marketing.

Make a connection through e-newsletters, personal notes, press releases, and online postings. Be involved in something you are passionate about in your community and write about it in your blog. Keep in mind you have two audiences: the patient and referring physicians. Connect with colleagues to find out what has worked for them.

Medical Marketing is about having a presence, whether it is online or in-person. That means using all the tools available to you, like ReferralMD.

Here are 3 other Medical or Dental Marketing strategies that you may find useful.

What online marketing tools have you found work best for your practice?

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  1. I would also add that blogs are a great way to position the physician as the expert – a medical marketing technique that builds a doctors' reputation as the go-to source for a particular specialty or condition. Staying top of mind is always the greatest challenge, but online efforts such as blogging, social media and websites have made that much easier for practices today.

    Another important online marketing technique is online reputation monitoring. Patients take online reviews very seriously and it's important these reviews show physicians in the best light. Read my article on how to improve your Google rankings through online reviews… http://www.whitecoat-designs.com/use-patient-revi


    Amanda Kanaan

    WhiteCoat Designs

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