Healthcare Reform – Innovation, Not Inertia, Key to Coverage for All

Healthcare Reform in America

It is truly disheartening that Healthcare Reform remains stagnant in America. Inefficiencies in programs and processes throughout the healthcare ecosystem plague us all, especially those living in rural areas with no access to healthcare or not able to afford it. Reform is essential, especially as the cost and quality of healthcare continues to spiral out of control.

Healthcare reform must take into account every person in the country – anyone who walks into a doctor’s office or hospital, whether it’s in New York City or Maza, ND.

Understandably, providing medical services in rural communities have their own challenges, including the lack of available broadband connections. Technical solutions introduced by companies in the private sector require these high-speed connections to enhance the quality of care and control the costs for health services regardless of where the patient resides or what care is required. The old adage, “out with the old and in with the new,” is truly appropriate in the case of healthcare reform. Traditional systems and services are obsolete and must be replaced with new technologies, applications, services and devices.

Mobile healthcare (mHealth) applications and solutions offer alternatives for treating patients, especially in rural areas. The ability for doctors to remotely and securely share patient information – X-rays, prescriptions, or monitoring cardiac data – from a laptop or even a mobile phone, can actually make diagnosing and treating patients simpler and more affordable.

Changes in technology and medicine occur on a daily basis and it’s tough to keep up with everything going on – especially if you’re located in a rural area. Misinformation is worse than no information and understanding how these changes actually impact Ma and Pa America is essential. As someone who grew up in North Carolina, I know that well. Throughout my personal and professional life, I made it a point to educate myself on anything that affected my family, especially, their health. And in the area of healthcare, ignorance is certainly not bliss! Education is required.

We depend on government, private companies, and the healthcare industry to do what is right for everyone. And we need to reform the healthcare system quickly — it can make a difference between life and death.

One nation and one healthcare system for all.

Guest blogger
Leroy Jones, Jr.
Editor – Talking Technology
Twitter: @technicaljones

What are your thoughts on healthcare reform – What needs to be done?

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