7 Marketing Strategies for Specialty Healthcare Practices

How the internet and the lack of knowledge may cost you patient referrals.
Most companies that have a single web designer or IT staff do not understand that to design a proper website and marketing strategy it normally takes 100′s of hours a year of work to maintain, but most only budget an initial amount and do not allocate monthly maintenance to the success of their marketing budget online.

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The 7 items below are critical to the success of any healthcare specialty practice to keep in touch with its current patients and find new ones. Each should be budgeted with a certain percentage of the yearly budget, depending on the market and competition.

  1. Publicity Marketing: PR Campaigns (News, Online Articles)

  2. Promotional Events: Sponsor events and contests

  3. Joint Venture Marketing: Co-Marketing, Co-Branding with other companies.

  4. Referral Marketing: Referral Programs – Sales Partnerships

  5. Internet Marketing: Web Usability and Content Updates- blogs/forums

  6. Advertising: Marketing Collateral – Direct Mail – Print

  7. Customer Marketing: Email marketing – Volunteerism – Associations (ex. Chamber of Commerce)

Unfortunately, most businesses improperly budget or do not have the skills necessary to implement this process. This lack of understanding causes the website and the business to be lost among the others, and potential patients will never find it.

Here is a snippet of an article that has some great details about marketing online.

Your online presence is all about promoting one’s business consistently every day.  Gone are the days of a build a website and forget it mentality.  To compete with Google, you will need to think of your website as a salesperson for your business and budget enough to maintain it every month.  Several strategies are available to ensure that the promotional campaign for your website is optimal.  Here are some strategies below.

  1. Link building service is one optimization technique that every business needs to use if it envisions a top rank in the major search engine results.  Here, the web developer in Fresno will achieve great quality one-way links through directory submissions, DMOZ submissions, and search engine submissions.  Link Wheels are the latest entrants into the SEO fray.  Link wheel Definition:-A link wheel is the newest SEO backlinks building method that involves creating multiple blog posts on multiple different sites and interlinking them in a    wheel.  You create the content; you create the site, giving you complete control of the niche of the site (no more blog comments on unrelated blogs)
  2. Social Media Marketing is another way through which you could spread awareness about your brand.  Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide you with a wider audience, and more people get tagged and join your group.  This is the latest trend and channel proving to be very fruitful for many online business owners.
    Getting high PR links and contextual links will definitely enhance the value of your website too.  Level 2 Marketing in Fresno will include designing a website and keeping all the parameters in consideration so that your business gains maximum traction on the web.
  3. Search engines place great value on Hub Pages, Squidoo Lens, and WordPress.  So, creating these pages, lens, and blogs, respectively, with relevant contextual links with information that has keywords at an optimum level, will definitely get your website a top page rank in the major search results.
  4. Though it may sound cliche, it is a fact that content is the indisputable king.  So, writing relevant articles with the appropriate keyword density and submitting them to top article directories that the search engines value most is yet another way you could promote your website.  These articles are submitted only in the niche to which the website belongs, thereby making it even more accessible to the people on the lookout for the same content.


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