Flow Therapy Increases Referral Volume with ReferralMD

About Flow Therapy

Flow Therapy was founded in 2003 under the name “Legacy Heart Care” and has 10 locations serving patients in Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona.  Flow Therapy (also known as EECP®) is widely considered the most effective non-invasive treatment for heart conditions such as angina, and symptoms associated with heart disease such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and fatigue.


Increased inbound referral volume from 178 referrals in Q1-2022 to 689 referrals Q1-2023
Decreased patient wait times from an average of 35 days in Q2-2022 to 20 days in Q2-2023
Decreased patient wait times from an average of 35 days in Q2-2022 to 20 days in Q2-2023


Why did Flow Therapy decide to make a change?

Flow Therapy implemented ReferralMD to address several key challenges.


The challenges that Flow Therapy faced prior to implementing ReferralMD included a lack of effective follow-up with referral partners, a limited referral network, low referral volume across their 10 locations, long patient wait times, and a high rate of appointment no-shows. These challenges affected their overall efficiency and patient experience.


However, by leveraging automation and a centralized referral workflow, ReferralMD addressed these challenges by improving follow-up with referral partners and expanding their network through additional channels. This led to an increase in referral volume. ReferralMD’s Alerts feature helped decrease the average patient wait time from 35 days to 20 days by ensuring timely referral progression. Additionally, the Task Management feature enabled effective monitoring and follow-up, resulting in a significant decrease in the no-show rate. The implementation of ReferralMD ultimately improved Flow Therapy’s overall efficiency and patient experience.


What Were the Objectives for Flow Therapy?

Increase Referral Volume 

Flow Therapy was looking for a solution to increase their total referral volume across their 10 locations.  Through automation and a centralized referral workflow, ReferralMD improved follow-up with their referral partners, increasing volume from their existing referral partners.  In addition, ReferralMD offered additional channels to receive referrals and increase their referral network by using Direct messages and free accounts for their partners.  Flow Therapy successfully streamlined their referral process even while the number of inbound referrals increased so each coordinator can now process more referrals.


Decrease Patient Wait Times

Flow Therapy wanted to reduce the average wait time for patients to see their specialists to enhance the overall patient experience.  With the implementation of ReferralMD, they started using the Alerts feature to identify referrals that need attention based on pre-defined timeframes to ensure that referrals advance through the workflow on time. As a result, Flow Therapy decreased the average wait time from 35 days in Q2-2022 to 20 days in Q2-2023.


Decrease No-Show Volume

Flow Therapy wanted to improve their appointment attendance rate given the high volume of no-shows that they were experiencing. ReferralMD helped Flow Therapy manage and monitor all inbound referrals with the Task Management feature.  Logging and completing tasks to follow up with patients helped the Flow Therapy team decrease the appointment no-show rate from 4.3% in Q4-2022 to 1.7% in Q1-2023.

“ReferralMD has been incredible to work with. The team is very well educated and worked diligently to make the product exactly how we needed it. The system has tremendously improved our workflow and provided us better insight into our intake process."

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